An Autism Diary

A day in the life of David Hartley

Checking In

Idaho has been a good change for the most part so far. A bit overwhelming with all the boxes and getting things transferred and set up, but worth it. David has been having the hardest time adjusting, but he’s getting there slowly but surely. He has regressed a lot too from all the change and stress so we’re working with that as well. Any prayers, encouragement, and/or advice welcome on that front. Especially prayers and encouragement.  David is also having a hard time understanding that his Kansas friends (family friends, old neighbor, favorite police officer, the firefighters, workers at different stores/restaurants, etc) are not gone now just because he can no longer see them which is adding to his stress.  He is such a passionate kid.  David truly lives life out to the fullest extent possible in every way he can.  Normally I would say how good that is, but in times like this it really does backfire on the poor little guy. :(

We have a new tv cabinet now too. If I ever can get a chance to catch David clothed while watching a movie (yeah, we’re having THAT problem again lol) I will take pictures of what he likes to do with the new cabinet. lol It has a small space right under the tv where he likes to curl his legs up in while watching his shows. I’ve also caught him more than once seeking quiet time in the empty space next to the tv, which is also inside the cabinet. He curls up into a ball, shuts the door (I’m working with him on that…) and just chills for a bit. He has always loved getting himself into tight spaces for calming help, but he has been both seriously seeking AND avoiding sensory input quite a bit more than usual ever since we got here. Half the time it even seems as if he’s conflicted by needing both at once. Poor guy, I definitely understand how that one feels (I have Sensory Processing Disorder myself).

Joshua for the most part is loving it here. He also is loving telling everyone he meets that he’s new to Idaho and that he came from Maize, Kansas. If people stay around long enough, he will tell them that repeatedly. lol   Joshua has been having some sensory issues and anxiety issues as well since getting here, but thankfully not as severe as David. Still working with him on it though. A lot of his is he is excited but also sad and a bit uneasy with all that’s happened at once with such a big move. Prayers for him are appreciated as well.

There is so much more to share, but I will save it for another time as I noticed this is already long. My tendency to be long-winded definitely hasn’t changed. lol

Thank-you everyone for your prayers and support. They mean the world to me and the boys. :) Hope this finds you having a great day.

One Tired Mommy

Sleep, it’s so overrated.  At least David thinks so. lol  I finally gave up and dragged my youngest son to the bed and went to sleep around 9 this morning. David was still up and running on full speed at that point but he was playing upstairs with his legos at least so I took a chance. Got woken up about an hour and a half later because the guys with my furniture delivery showed up way early to drop it off (they were not due until 6:30 pm yet they called me at 10:30 am! ). David was running circles around those poor guys when they showed up and started moving things in.

When all that was said and done, I had David help me put the tv in the new tv cabinet, put on a Thomas the Tank Engine movie (I save them for emergencies like this on purpose ;) ) and went back to bed. Woke up to my alarm at 1pm and THIS KID IS STILL GOING STRONG. What, sleep become irrelevant or something in his world??? Come on David, mommy is not above begging here. You better go down tonight. lol

Meet the Newest Idahoans

We FINALLY made it!  Got in late this morning, signed the papers, unlocked the door, chased David off of someone else’s stairwell and around the grounds… Yep, we’re official Idaho residents now. lol  Don’t have our mailbox key yet, but I was told I should have that by tomorrow.  Also waiting on getting a doctor’s note from David’s old pediatrician (from Kansas) so that I can prove our need for special locks on the front door and upstairs windows. Don’t need David escaping on me, but here having the kind of locks I need (Door Guardian) is considered a safety hazard so that’s why I need the doctor’s note to prove it’s a greater safety hazard to NOT have them in place where my family is concerned.

Also, just 4 miles down the road we found an amazing indoor playground!  My mom treated me and the boys to three months membership too so we can come back as often as we want. It comes complete with train tables, ride-a-long cars and a “road” to drive them on, and a HUGE netted in play area with stairs, a swing, bounce area, and slide!  Also, I can see everything from my seat, it’s not overly crowded, and David has already made friends. :D  Even with all his flapping, stimming, and running around. ^_^  To top it off, the even offer free wifi access!  That’s how I am on-line writing this actually. ;)

Yep, we haven’t even been here a day yet, but Idaho is definitely is looking like an adventure that will be full of blessings. :)  I will do what I can to get pictures to you guys soon. :)

Dance, Playtime, and Fresh Starts

My niece and my two boys :)

My niece and my two boys :)

Tonight I got the honor of getting to see my niece dance in one of her shows.  It was wonderful to get to see her dances in person and the boys even did pretty well at staying calm and staying with us during the show.  For an Autism family like ours, that’s a big deal and I am very proud of them. :)

The show, in general, was pretty fun to watch.  There were a lot of talented dancers and the routines were creative and fun. :) I must say though that I am very proud of my niece.  She dances so well and her smile is so beautiful.  I always knew which one she was, no matter the costumes, because you just can’t miss that smile of hers. ^_^  One that comes straight from the heart from a dancer who is truly enjoying the dance. : )

Joshua, David, and Uncle Tommy

Joshua, David, and Uncle Tommy

After the show, my brother-in-law hung out with my boys and made their whole night by giving them piggy back rides.  They thought that was the absolute best. David kept coming back for more too. lol  It was nice for me to see them having such a good time. : )

Tomorrow marks the day we finally get to finish this adventure we set out on too.  I will re-pack the car, get the boys prepped for the final road trip, and head out again with Idaho as the end destination.  I have to admit, a part of me is scared to be on this adventure… to be starting our lives over in a brand new place and all new surroundings.  Another part of me though, from deep in my heart, reminds myself of why I set out on this adventure in the first place, and Who has been in charge of it all.  I know I can trust God fully; He has never betrayed me or left me stranded.  Even when life has gotten hard, I have been able to count on Him and His strength, love, and grace to get me and my family through.  Knowing that, I am ready to take another leap of faith as I head into the unknown borders of Idaho and the promise of a fresh start and a new life.  Idaho, here we come!

Idaho Bound

I have a move in date for my new apartment! It’s still a few days off, but I have one none the less. And by God’s sweet grace and provision, the moving company has said they will continue to store my stuff for free for the remaining days. I should have been paying $50 a day since around the 8th but the company who handles the trucks and storage have been waiving the charge out of mercy because of my predicament.

The boys and I are excited and more than ready to have our own place again.  I am mostly ready to start the process of getting our lives more stable again and get the boys back on a routine of some sort. lol  First things to set up (outside of the typical like beds, clothes, kitchen, etc) is going to be our school supplies and the toy room.  Yep. Get these boys something to do that will help engage them and keep them out of trouble. ;) lol

A big thank-you for all the prayers and support.  Looking forward to starting our new life in Idaho. :)

Family In Waiting

So much has been happening over here that to say it has been overwhelming would be an understatement. The biggest issue being still not having a move in date for my apartment. They moved it yet again and I have no idea to when because now they are out of office for some seminar apparently until Thursday. :(

The one thing that is keeping me holding on though is that with all that’s been crazy, chaotic, messed up, and going wrong God has been handing me blessings to keep my spirit encouraged and my hope alive. Sometimes the blessings are small (the boys finally calmed down and stayed calm for the night) and some have been pretty big (the moving truck company offering to store our stuff for free and continuing to do so for at least a couple more days because of the situation).

All in all, God definitely has us in His hands and He has been graciously generous with His ways of reminding me of that during all that’s going on. Prayers please that our new home is ready soon though or that something else opens up if that’s in His will. The boys and I need some stabilization back in our lives.

First Ocean Visit

Uncle Tommy showing Joshua a LIVE clam he found in the sand.

Uncle Tommy showing Joshua a LIVE clam he found in the sand.

We had a very long day today. It was worth it though as I got the blessing of being there when my sons saw an ocean for the very first time. ^_^ We went with my sister, brother-in-law, and niece and I went right down there to the water’s edge with them, braces and all, and I am paying for it dearly now. lol I have downed some pretty decent pain meds though to help with all that though so I am not exactly at top speed right now as a result. lol  I forgot to take my camera with me today as well so all my photos are on my mom’s phone so I will have to wait for her to get those sent to me before I can share them with you all. In the meantime though, here are a few that my sister took. :)

Joshua getting ready to get his feet in the water for the first time ^_^

Joshua getting ready to get his feet in the water for the first time ^_^

David, Joshua, and my niece Sidney playing in the sand

David, Joshua, and my niece Sidney playing in the sand

A Night Out

David used his "ice blast" pose for this picture. ;)

David used his “ice blast” pose for this picture. ;)

Took the boys to go meet Elsa and Spiderman at a local event here and walked around a little. When the band came out to play though Joshua overloaded pretty quickly and needed to go home. After we got home though I stayed with Joshua and my mom took David back to the outdoor concert where he danced all night and even got invited onto the stage with a few other kids and danced some more. He had a blast. ^_^

Joshua and I had a calm night at home together watching a couple of shows and cuddling together then we had a night out at Taco Bell with ice cream from McDonald’s for desert. He thought it was so awesome when I put some of my m&m’s in his ice cream and showed him how to make them “paint” his ice cream different colors. lol

All in all it was a good night for us all and the boys have some good memories to treasure from tonight. :)

Just a split second before the camera took the picture, I had to tell Joshua to "quit climbing up Spiderman"... Poor guy didn't know what he was getting himself into when he met this particular fan. lol

Just a split second before the camera took the picture, I had to tell Joshua to “quit climbing up Spiderman”… Poor guy didn’t know what he was getting himself into when he met this particular fan. lol

Started dancing as soon as he heard the first beat. ^_^

Started dancing as soon as he heard the first beat. ^_^

Joshua enjoyed getting Mommy all to himself for an evening. :)

Joshua enjoyed getting Mommy all to himself for an evening. :)



Just Chillin’

A few posts back I mentioned my family was trying to make it to Idaho.  I am thankful to announce we are almost there. ^_^  Made it all the way to Oregon, where my mom lives, and am waiting on our Idaho apartment to be ready for move in.  Things have been hectic and the days full, but we are doing well overall.  I will do my best to post some pictures and stories from our trip when I get another chance to sign in and blog.  In the meantime, here’s a cute moment I managed to capture of David with my mom’s cat. :)


A Very Special Visit

DSCF4818-shrankOur favorite police officer turned friend came by yesterday for one last visit before my family has to move.  She has been a wonderful person to both work with and get to know and the boys and I are definitely going to miss her.  She has done a lot during our stay here in Maize to earn David and Joshua’s trust and to help me keep them safe.  Especially David with all his wandering issues.  Officer Rhodes, we give you our heartfelt thanks for your protection, your service, and your friendship.  We will never forget you. :)


DSCF4814-shrank2 DSCF4817-shrank


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