An Autism Diary

A day in the life of David Hartley

Sweet Reunion ^_^

DSCF4696-David and Domino -taggedGuess who David got reunited with today?? ^_^

A BIG thank-you to C-Arrow Stables and Natalie (David’s teacher)​ for working around my bad legs and ankle so David could pick his lessons up again before we have to move. :)

Domino has gotten too old for David to ride, so he took his lesson on Mocha (I hope I am remembering that name right). After the lesson was done though, his teacher took him back to say hi to his dear friend. <3

(Click here for pictures of David and Mocha during their lesson)





Mission Idaho

user_photo-554bcebe438e0My family has an announcement to make and also a call for help. The Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome that all three of us now are battling has gotten to the point it can’t and won’t be ignored any longer. The problem with that though is that we don’t have access to the kind of doctors we need who have the kind of knowledge and experience needed to help us.

So, we are moving. We’ve found an area in Idaho with the medical help, services, and support we seriously need and I’ve gotten notice of our acceptance and our new address and everything. I am finishing up the packing and final paperwork as we speak. The move is scheduled for the end of May, but we are still short on our efforts to raise the needed funds to make it possible.

If there is any way you can help, please accept my sincere gratitude and thanks. No amount is too small, and prayers and sharing are truly appreciated as well. Whatever you can do to help me get our family to Idaho would be greatly appreciated. Thank-you from the bottom of my heart.

Click Here
for the official fundraiser page that has been set
up by my uncle.  There is also an on-line garage
of sorts going on.



Small Blessings, Big Heart

DSCF4520-taggedGood morning everyone! And Happy Monday to you too. :) Hope this finds all the moms with special memories gained from yesterday, whether big or small. :)

Over here, my boys don’t understand Mother’s Day and are still working on grasping the concept of a calendar, special dates, and time in general. So no matter how many times they were told about it, they didn’t really get the point of the day supposedly being special/different. lol

However, they did do something spontaneous for me just a few days ago that meant a great deal to me, and it still does. They were coloring together and ended up taking two small pieces of paper and drew a bunch of pictures, folded them in half, and handed them to me saying “I love you Mommy”. Totally unprompted and so sweet. The little cards are barely the size of my thumb but they are so precious to me. I carry them around in my wallet now. :)

Sometimes it’s the small things (no pun intended lol) that can be the most precious. <3

Happy Mother’s Day

Whether your children can say it verbally or not, whether or not they can understand the concept of time and calendars and dates, and even if they seem to be lost in their own little world… Please know that on this day, and everyday…

you are loved
you are cherished
you are priceless
you are appreciated
you are blessed

Happy Mother’s Day ((hugs)) <3

A New Obsession

David has found a new show that he obsesses over.  It’s called Rescue Bots and is part of the Transformers cartoon collection.  This obsession just seriously stepped up a few notches when David found these toys.  Oh goodness, help me now. lol  He wants the whole collection (thankfully there are only 6 unlike with his Thomas obsession) and he wants them both big and small (because the small ones can actually transform).  I had to tell him he would need to wait and maybe we could surprise him for his birthday or Christmas.  This was the result… Do you think he could hug those things any tighter?? lol

The only one missing was Heatwave and that almost caused a meltdown. David was seriously struggling with not being able to find the team leader. ><


Oh the “Joys” of Autism lol ;)

The conversation I had to have tonight with the head instructor at David’s martial arts school was an odd one. I decided though that since there wasn’t any real way to make the situation sound better, I would just put it out there and be done with it. Thankfully, he was able to see the humor in it and laughed with me. lol


Me: David won’t be coming to class tonight. I can’t get him to put on his clothes.

Him: So… you have a naked boy running around your house?

Me: Yep. And considering the fight I have been dealing with trying to clothe him, I figured it best to stay home whether I end up succeeding or not. I don’t want to finally get him dressed only to have him start stripping down again in the middle of class.

Him: … umm yeah, that wouldn’t be good.

Me: Ok. See you guys Thursday then.


Sunshine Snail Mail

David received an icecream shaped card in the mail recently from a wonderfully kind facebook group, called Sunshine Snail Mail.  Yes, that’s him licking it.  He licked it so much it turned his tongue blue. lol  He really liked that card.  Both boys are in the program and are enjoying the little surprises and cards. :)

PicMonkey Collage-David's icecream card

The Passion Behind the Mission

I was talking to a friend the other night about some current DogForDavid projects we have in the works and people’s reactions to them so far as well as reactions to past events.  While talking, as usual my passion and the reason for it came up in conversation.  This time though, I finally found a way to word it in a way that gets straight to the point…

~~~Why I do what I do~~~

It’s easy to look at a child or adult with a disability and see the surface things. You can’t help but notice the struggles: the flapping, the wheelchairs, the stimming, the feeding tubes, or whatever the particular diagnosis or condition entails.

What I want though is to help people see past all that. I want to show them the person behind it all. The child, the adult, the human being. I want people to look at someone with Autism or CP or Ehlers-Danlos or any other condition and start seeing who that person really is: their hopes, dreams, abilities, fears, joys, triumphs, and trials.

It’s time for everyone to see past the labels and look at the person and I will not stop until I have reached as many as I can with not only that message, but the passion to pass it on as well. <3

Small Act of Kindness, Big Impact

1-Gift from Party Zone1-editedJoshua got an early birthday present/surprise yesterday when we were out hunting one last time for a Dusty (from Disney’s “Planes”) cake topper/candle. We never found what we were hunting for, but one kind and generous lady at a store called Party Zone made both my boys pretty happy and feel pretty special and I couldn’t thank her enough for that. <3

She gave both boys free tiger print balloons after I had caught David getting into them, and then when she found out it was Joshua’s birthday the next day and we were having an unsuccessful hunt for a Dusty cake topper, she got out a small pack of balloons with Dusty and other planes from the movie printed on them and blew a few of them up for Joshua! No charge, just a gift to make him feel special. :) She even tied them to a pretty weight so he could use them as a center piece for his birthday table. ^_^

Unfortunately, I don’t have a picture of the tiger print balloons because the boys popped them on accident before I could take pictures, but Growlers (Joshua’s best buddy tiger) decided he would hold Joshua’s pieces long enough for a photo op so you all could see how cool the balloons were. : )

1-Gift from Party Zone13-edited

A Dream Renewed

“Starting with David, and branching out from there as the DogForDavid world allowed more and more lives to touch mine and stake their claim in my heart, I wanted to make a difference for them. A difference that would truly mean something, one that would truly help them and their families. Just as a fire in nature can be as beautiful as it is devastating, so can it promote new beginnings and fresh starts after it has run it’s course. I have found the same to be true when dealing with a fire in the heart.”

Read more in my new post over at Stripes and Puzzle Pieces.


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