An Autism Diary

A day in the life of David Hartley

The Hunchback Typer

I think he wants a mustache… he’s always doing that with my hair. And sometimes with strangers’ hair if they get too close. *chuckle*

Today has been a much busy day but I rarely got to take a break from the computer.  Yep.  Today I was catching up on all the work that piled up on me while I was still trying to get home internet set up again.  Mainly fundraising stuff like fixing/updating David’s website, e-mailing businesses back in regards to donations, looking things up, panning things out, organizing, setting up, etc. etc. …  You get the idea.

David did pretty good today through it all too.  It was rainy outside today so that kept him entertained off and on (watching from the window of course) but it also got him hyper interested in water.  Uggh… I still haven’t convinced myself yet to go into the bathroom where I know they had the sink going repeatedly.  Especially since not only could I hear it, but also they kept coming back out with something or other dripping wet.  One time it was even David who was dripping. *chuckle*  He got his own towel though and wrapped it around him.  I was proud of him for figuring that one out. 🙂

I just know when I finally go in there though I am going to find the bath toys all over the place and have a need to mop up the floor again… Uggh…  Oh well, at least I can say today that they had fun and stayed safe and happy.  : )  That’s not something easily said around here that often.  I usually feel like I’m in a battle zone constantly trying to save them from themselves.  Especially David.  He has quite the overactive curiosity and loves to climb on top of it.  Add that to a poor sense of danger awareness… Yeah… *shakes head*

Currently, David is asleep on my back as I am writing this (hence my title for this post) and Joshua is doing his best to wait patiently for mommy to let him tell the computer “bye bye” (ie: he gets to help turn it off).  To be honest, I am ready for that too. lol ; )

It has been a good day today all in all.  And as much as I am not looking forward to discovering how bad the bathroom is now, I am happy to know it got that way because my kids were having a good day and were able to play with each other without me having to restrain anyone or pile them in the van or scooter for a “chill ride” (they love riding on my electric wheelchair/scooter with me in nice weather and the van rides are helpful for putting cranky and over hyper children to sleep).

David is starting to roll back and forth between my shoulders now and it’s getting hard to type when I have to keep alternately lifting one arm or another to help keep him centered so he doesn’t fall off.  David has always loved being on me when I work.  He loves to take over my personal space a lot actually and  I have countless pictures of him doing just that.  I hope you enjoy the one shared in this post. : )

Take care everyone! : )  I am now being beckoned to “draw a puppy” by Joshua so off I go!  ; )



  1. marciakayx

    Great picture! Glad you had a reasonably (for us) calm day!

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