An Autism Diary

A day in the life of David Hartley

Déjà vu…


Sometimes I think I am so eager to see David progress/improve that I tend to jump at the first sign of connection.  Yesterday was definitely one of those times…

There will be no cake pictures tonight because there is no cake.  Upon realizing I didn’t have all the ingredients and tools needed, I attempted a wal-mart trip with the boys in order to pick them up.  It went horribally bad… even worse than normal.  4 hours, a missing boot, over zealous boys, and a frazzled mom later we barely made it home in one piece.

We’ll try this baking idea again tomorrow if the boys can calm/settle down enough.  And this time, I don’t care if I’m missing something.  I’ll knock on my neighbors door if I have to before I attempt another wal-mart run.  ; ) lol



  1. marciakayx

    So sorry. I hope you got some rest last night. Shopping with the kids is just too much!

    • I did eventually get to go to bed, although it was late (or should I say early? lol). Thanks for the comment too. Days like this one always remind me of a picture joke I’ve seen a few times on facebook. A mom is standing in a grocery store holding onto a cart with her kids pulling her in several different directions, a baby screaming at her from the cart seat, and basically full chaos going on all around her, The caption underneath makes me laugh in agreement every time. I can’t quote it, but it says something to the effect of “Motherhood: When going to the store ALONE is a vacation”. lol I couldn’t agree more. 😉 🙂

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