An Autism Diary

A day in the life of David Hartley

Until All the Pieces Fit…

We got to go over to Grandma’s this afternoon to hang out for a little while.  Oh how the boys LOVE to do that. 🙂  They ran, played, and watched Thomas videos until my mom and I were beginning to forget again that something other than trains exist in this world. *chuckle*  They also got to hang out with my mom’s dog, Widdle.  And in a round-a-bout way, that brings me to tonight’s post.

Every time I see David and Widdle together it warms my heart and renews my hope in so many ways.  They connected right from the start and even though they’ve had their days where one or the other (or both) were a bit too cranky or distracted to get along as smoothly as normal, they are definitely buddies for life.  : )

As I have mentioned before, David really loves animals and connects really deeply to just about every single one he meets.  His relationship with animals is so deep yet so pure too.  He really puts his heart into it.  And to be honest, I believe it’s because someway, somehow animals have been his “master key”, “magic potion”, “connecting point”, “lost piece of the puzzle”…   Call it what you will as I am sure there are way more terms for it than what I’ve listed or can even think of in these late hours of the night, but David seems to have a transformation of demeanor and collectiveness when he’s around animals.  They bring in a sense of peace and calm like nothing else can.  Even in the midst of a battleground of a day or a nightmare of a meltdown.  I don’t know what it is exactly, but I know it’s real.

The two types of animals that have the biggest impacts have been consistently horses and dogs.  It’s for this reason that I’ve been trying so hard to get him into a therapeutic riding program that accepts Autistic children at his level and even more so why I have been putting my heart and everything I’ve got into trying to help my son raise the money needed to get his very own service dog.

I promise not to make a habit out of making this next statement in this blog but I do ask tonight that if you are reading this and you haven’t yet checked out our home site at, please take a moment to do so.  There are parts of it that are still being worked on, but by going there you can learn more about Perfect Fit Canines (our service dog provider), find a few resources and blogs for learning more and connecting a little deeper to the world of Autism and those living in it, and even an Autism Awareness video featuring a song sung from the mouth and heart of a singer with Asperger’s Syndrome.  You can also see different ways how you and others can help.  Wether it be in sharing our website and blog, passing on the awareness video, participating in a local event (if you’re close enough), or even mailing in a donation in David’s name or making use of our paypal buttons on the site.

More importantly though, you’ll be able to see the whole picture of who we are, who David is, and why we’re doing what we are doing.  This Autism journey of ours has transformed into a two-fold mission for us all.  One, to help David live the safest, calmest, and most free life possible inspite of his ongoing battle with Autism in order to help him reach his fullest dreams and potential.  Two, to help raise not only better awareness amongst the general public, but also more understanding, acceptance, compassion… And in turn, one person at a time, making this world a safer, calmer, and more friendly place to be for these precious children and adults who are traveling their own Autism journey too.  Will you consider joining us on this journey?  It only takes one click to start.

Thank-you for giving me this chance to share more of my passion here.  Thank-you from the bottom of my heart.

Until all the pieces fit,
Cindi (David’s mom)



  1. marciakayx

    I love this! I so wish I had the money to send you today for the dog!

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