An Autism Diary

A day in the life of David Hartley

A.D.O.S. – Attention Deficit… Ooh Shiny! :D

Ah yes.  The famous ADD (or should I say ADOS) went into full gear today, but this time it’s target was me!  I can’t say I can fault it though.  I am quite an easy target after all.  lol  Especially when I am low on sleep.  ; )

The boys and I haven’t been getting good decent sleep at nice and respectable hours (aka during the night time like we need to be doing ) for a long time now and for the last three days they have gone on another “sleep is for whimps” campaign.  This is one very tired mommy! *chuckle* : )  And it definitely has been catching up with me today.  Days like this I kind of wish I had a video camera following me around.  Not so much for others to see, but just so I can laugh at myself later after I’ve gotten enough sleep to be able to pay attention to the tape. lol

As frusterating (and equally humorous after the fact) as these days are for me, I have to admit they also tend to be the most fun ones for me and the kids.  For when Mommy is constantly too distracted to function, she is a whole lot easier to pull into an impromptu game or tickle fight or… Ooh look! David is playing “drums” on the box!  Great song Dav… Ooh! Joshy want to tickle fight?  Come here you silly… HA HA HA HA Oh David if you could just see your expression!  Where’s my video camera… Joshua no! Don’t get into tha… David?  Oh.  Hide and Seek huh?  Here I come!

A.D.H.L.A.S. – Attention Defi… Hey look! A squirrel!

lol You get the point. 😉

I actually like having days like this.  Sure I get practically nothing done on my ever looming “to-do” list and yeah my house tends to get even messier than usual, but these are the kinds of days that make memories.  The kind of memories that me and my boys can treasure for a lifetime. : )  And far too often I let these times slip by without taking advantage of them as much as I should simply because I am too tired, or have too much to get done, or I need to run these errands first or I have to make these calls or get these donations, make these arrangements, follow up with these doctors, etc. etc. etc.

We all know the list can go on and on and also that it most usually does too.  And a lot of us know the struggle with trying desperately to find a healthy balance of work and play or of “to-do” lists and allowing our kids to bring back the kid in us.  We want to spend time with our kids and family and build strong relationships with plenty of love and fun, but we also know all too well how important it is to get the “boring” and sometimes “tedious” stuff done too before it backs up too far on us and squishes us beneath it’s weight.

So how does one find the balance in the midst of a normally chaotic schedule/life?  I don’t know if I can answer that for two reasons: 1) I believe this is one of those times where a “one size fits all approach” just isn’t going to work  and 2) I haven’t even quite gotten to a true balance point in my own life yet.  I will offer some advice to you though that I’ve gotten over the years from trusted friends, family, support pages, and even a few professionals here and there.  Ready?

Slow down and simplify!  Yep.  Pretty basic instructions yet so elusive to acheive.  I honestly believe they’re right though on this one so I am always trying to find ways to get better at it.  I’m thinking I am in very good company for finding a willing teacher though. 😉  Hey David!  What was that you were wanting to show mommy?  Hey Joshy! Do you want to play now?

: )


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  1. Thank-you to both of you 🙂 Glad to be helpful : )

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