An Autism Diary

A day in the life of David Hartley

Oh yeah, sleep.

Not much to write about today as my lack of sleep finally caught up with me and demanded I start paying back my debt.  Having a couple of toddlers with sleep issues isn’t easy. lol

Thankfully, my kids didn’t completely destroy the house… lol



  1. marciakayx

    So sorry, sweetie. But we do have to sleep. We have learned when the boys are asleep, at least one of us needs to be asleep too. When my husband was recovering from surgery and I was the only one available like you are, when the boys were asleep I needed to be to. I just had to let things go that I couldn’t do when they were awake. Sleep will take you over eventually. I hope you have a good day today!

    • To be honest, juggling fundraising and Autism and schooling and quite frankly everything else is very hard… I know I need better balance and definitely more sleep, but sometimes I am not sure how to get it. I seriously long for help. Even the smallest amount would make such a HUGE difference…

      We did have a better day today over all but I am still pretty tired and have a migraine. I actually have two posts in my head from today but only had the ability, time, and focus to post the one about Josh. I will save the rain one about David for later I guess.

      Thanks for your support and encouragement ((hugs)) I honestly appreciate it greatly : )

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