An Autism Diary

A day in the life of David Hartley

David and his “Cupcake Bones” lol

This picture was taken after I accidentally startled him and caused him to drop the pan. I put them back in, but I have a feeling he originally had them color sorted. He usually does. 😉 : )

Okay, time to let you all in on what I was referring to when I mentioned David’s “cupcake bones” a few posts earlier.   This kid is so darn creative but sometimes I honestly don’t know where he gets his ideas from. lol

We had attempted to make some more of that rainbow cake together Thursday to use as a gift for the volunteers at the corn maze that night.  We made it in cupcake form this time though.  We weren’t able to take it to the fundraiser though because David wouldn’t keep his hands out of it. lol  That and we ran out of time to bake them so even if I could have kept David’s hands out they wouldn’t have been done.

Well, when we finally got back home later that night, I went ahead and threw them in the oven but then forgot about them and they ended up slightly burnt because of it.   David and Joshua discovered them the next day though and kept insisting they were still good so I broke a couple of them open and let the boys have them.

reminds me of when I used to roll my playdough up as little “snakes” lol

That evening I had a phone call come through that I needed to take.  I heard the water running, and knew they were probably making another colossal mess, but my head hurt too much to get up and I was putting too much energy into trying to concetrate on the phone call to realize they had the cupcakes.  Insert cupcake bones creation process here. lol

When I saw David with the cupcake pan though, I went over to see what in the world they had been doing and found David playing with his creation.  When I asked him what they were he said, “cupcake bones!”.  I laughed pretty hard at that one for a while. : )  He did a pretty good job at rolling them up though I have to admit.  I have no idea how he did it though.  I also was impressed by how he was able to separate the swirls of colors so each “bone” only had one.

I never knew cupcakes had bones before this.  Did you? lol 😉



  1. marciakayx

    Cutie. Kids see things differently. When did we quit seeing all possibilities?

    • lol they definitely do and I hope David never grows out of it like so many of us sadly did somewhere along the way. : )

  2. mmm. crunchy munchy. : )

  3. Sherry


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