An Autism Diary

A day in the life of David Hartley

What do you call a day like today? lol

Today has been an interesting day.  I call it interesting simply because I don’t know what else to call it. lol  It wasn’t bad, but not necessarily all that good either.  We didn’t get a lot done, but yet managed somehow not to fall further behind…

Yep.  Interesting. lol : )

One of the best parts of the day though was getting to hang out with a good friend of mine.  And kid free! 😀  I love my sons dearly, but I definitely enjoyed getting to sit down with a good friend and have an uninterrupted chat with no major crises looming around every bend, or having to struggle to follow the conversation due to constantly having to intervene with the kids in one way or another.  In other words?  I enjoyed my break. 🙂  I need more of these. lol

Joshua is getting sick again too.  Not cool. 😦  He has been struggling with a bad cough off and on and an occasional low fever.  David is starting to slow down a bit too, but just barely.  I don’t think we have anything to really worry about with David yet.  At least, nothing that’s not already normal to worry about anyway. 😉 lol  Our little Houdini/Spiderman/Andretti mixture is still keeping up with all the antics that go with those well earned nicknames. lol

I might not be on tomorrow night as I will be preparing for a visit from out of town family.  The boys like to destroy the place on a regular basis and I want to make sure we get it all in good shape (and keep it that way 😉 ) in time for their arrival on Saturday.  I will post if I can though. : )

Hope you all have a great day (or have had a great day depending on your time zone). 🙂



  1. Breaks (especially with friends) are good for Mothers. I hope the snuffles does not develop into a sniffle.

  2. marciakayx

    Glad you got a break. I have heard they are nice. Like to try one someday.

    • If I lived closer, I would try and make sure you got one. I don’t get them very often (they’re actually quite rare) but it does help. My favorite part though was when I got home and was greeted by an excited Joshua shouting my name in glee and running into my arms. That felt good. 🙂

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