An Autism Diary

A day in the life of David Hartley

The Lost Blog lol

A little extra treat for our followers and supporters.  I had started a blog about our life here a little while ago and then forgot how to get back to it (and the password to log in ) after having needed to take a break from it due to health issues.

I still can’t find my password so there won’t be any updates on there lol but I did at least find the site for it again. 🙂  Feel free to read all you want.  It has some pretty good posts on it and a few posts were I was just getting frusterated I’ll admit. lol  The old blog didn’t focus on just Autism though so that means there’s also a bit more of an inclusive look into our family’s life.  🙂

Hope you enjoy them. : )  Please leave any comments you have for them here though or I will never see them (no password= not getting back in there anytime soon).

Thanks everyone 🙂

Old blog:


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