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Beads, Floods, and Tinkerbell

Today has been a bit off for our family because both Joshua and I have come down with some colds and congestion.  Poor Joshua even is struggling with his voice. 😦   This meant though that we weren’t going to be getting out and going anywhere today because it was too cold outside to take a sick child out and when I am congested and sneezing all day, I tend to get a headache from it which means I really don’t want to be driving anywhere either.

The only “problem” with all this was David was still fine.  Healthy and hyper as usual and not able to go anywhere to help him run it off or wear out.  Oh dear. lol  We got through the day pretty well though considering it all, but we did have some setbacks.

First, the beads.  I have agreed to help a new friend out with a few craft projects for her to use to help raise money for a Christmas give away she is doing for disabled kids and their families.  Well, the crafts I volunteered involve beads.  The only beading style I am still fully stocked on in the area of supplies from when I used to work on my crafts all the time were seed beads, so I decided I was going to try and make a few things using them.  I got them all out, got out my loom and the special thread, was starting to set things up… uggh!  I spilt those tiny little things all over the tray. 😦  Now if anyone has worked with these things they just might agree with me when I say seed beads are great until you spill them.  Then they turn into little monstors. lol

Uggh!  Trying to clean that all up and re-sort all the beads, especially while fighting off congestion, sneezing, and headaches, was NOT fun.  It also was taking most of the attention span ability I had left in me at the moment which brings us to the floods…

David is starting to enjoy water now.  But not to bathe or get clean.  Nah, that would be too helpful. lol  He likes to poor it into cups and splash it all over the place. ><  Well, while I was in the back room trying to deal with all those annoying little beads, I thought the boys were playing happily in the frontroom with their frootloops and movie.  I was half right.  Joshua was doing all that, and David was part of the time…  the rest of the time however, he was busy pooring water all over my counters and floors.  *sigh*  I should have known better than to leave them both to their own entertainment while I cleaned up those beads.  I guess a side effect of being so sick it hurts and trying to function anyway is that you lose your common sense. lol

After I discovered what David had been up to (and as a result got stuck cleaning it up while David was sitting in time out) I decided to put in the new movie Grandma brought us yesterday.  Both of my boys are HUGE Tinkerbell fans and I like the shows too so my mom bought the latest movie for us to add to our collection. 🙂  I was intending on cooking dinner while the movie was on because I tend to get more peace during the cooking process if there is a new movie in the player.  However, this movie really caught my attention too and before I knew it, it was half over and I was so hooked I hadn’t gotten a thing started. lol  I ended up just coming into the front room with the boys and watching it with them and then went back to start cooking when it was time for the boys’ usual “instant replay”. lol 🙂

The rest of our night has been off and on issues like usual and now I have one boy in bed (David. He fell asleep during his latest timeout so I just left him there) and one boy curled up next to me as I work on the computer.  He’s asleep now too actually.

I’ve been looking up some patterns and ideas for projects to make for my friend.  I think I will also be doing some of these for David’s fundraising too. 🙂  Especially since we have a holiday bizarre and craft show coming up on December 8th with Jog 4 A Paws. (They chose David to be their sponsored child!! 😀 ).  I will leave the details on all that though for another time and post. 🙂

For now, I think it’s time for me to wrap things up and join my kids in dream land. 😉  Hope you are all having a good night or day depending on where you are. 🙂  Thanks everyone! : )



  1. marciakayx

    I surely do hope you feel better today! So hard to keep up with boys anyway, add the extra considerations and sickness. Not fair!

    • I’ll be okay. I’ll be glad when winter is over though 😉 lol : )

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