An Autism Diary

A day in the life of David Hartley

Birthday Smiles :)

Today was David’s birthday party and it was a huge success. 🙂  I am so thankful to the friends and neighbors that came out to help us celebrate. : )  On a quick side note though, I would like to ask for prayers for David’s and Joshua’s best friends D.J. and Riley who ended up not being able to come because they got sick.  They could use some help both feeling better as well as getting better, the poor little sweethearts.  As far as the party though, everyone had a lot of fun and I actually got some friend time of my own too which was nice. 🙂  David even woke up in time to help me with some of the preparations like mixing up the cake.  I had to kick him out of the kitchen though when I caught him eating the batter while I was pulling cookies out of the oven.  Sneaky little guy. lol

At first, David didn’t seam to understand what was going on or why I had decorated up the table and was baking so early in the day (I am NOT a morning person so I have to admit that it was probably pretty odd in his eyes to see his mommy not only up and going, but up and baking before he even woke up. lol)  I am so grateful though for the answered prayers about my back and stability though as I was able to do all I needed to, plus a little extra, in order to pull this party off for David and his friends. : )  That, and for Pillsbury “Place ‘N’ Bake” cookies. 😉

I did eventually get the concept about the party through to David though and he got really excited once he figured out his friends from the apartment behind us were going to be coming to play and celebrate with him. : )  He loves those boys to pieces and they are such good sports with David and all the little quirks and antics that can come with being a friend to him.  I am so grateful to them both as well as to their parents who have also been good friends to me as well. : )  I feel so blessed to have them as our neighbors. 🙂

For David’s cake I had to get a bit creative in finding decorations as my original plans didn’t work out.  He wanted a train cake very badly and originally I was going to do another shaped cake for him with homemade icing so I could decorate it all fancy like I had for Joshua’s birthday back in April.  Well, considering all that has happened recently, how tired I have been lately, and the fact I lost my cake decorating tips (that one was the main reason of course lol)… well let’s just say I started searching the house for other ways to give him his train cake. ; )

I kind of like the idea I came up with. 🙂  Needs a little adjusting before I try something similar again as it turned out to be a bit more messy than I had planned it.  However, for the purpose I needed it for today, it worked great. : )  I found some candy lettering and decorations at the store along with the star candles that David liked and to make it still be a “train cake”, I took some of David’s tracks and his birthday Gordon and balanced them right there on top.  It was a hit all around.  Although David’s first reaction was he thought I was hurting his beloved Gordon (as I had to light the candles around him) so we had to do a bit of convincing to get David to leave him there for me long enough for me to finish lighting the candles and carry the cake to the table.  He then had to be convinced to blow his candles out before he reached for his train. ><  Yeah, I definitely need to think this one out a lot more before I try something similar again. lol

David posing for a picture after he proudly “rescued” Gordon from the cake lol

David has finally started grasping the idea of presents too which in turn created some humorous as well as a few minorly embarrasing moments. lol  Overall though, he really enjoyed getting to play with his friends and watch his new movie.  He also thoroughly enjoyed getting to play with his new trains and his small pirate “friends”.  David has just recently became a huge fan of Jake and the Neverland Pirates after seeing the show while at Grandma’s a few times.

Okay, looking up the link for that last one has caused a bit of a rabbit trail as the site automatically started playing the show’s theme song and I had my volume turned up.  This means the boys heard it and of course came running over and are now half begging, half demanding to see some of the shows. *chuckle*  I should have known better on that one. lol  Since we are celebrating his birthday today, I think I am going to give in on this one. 😉

My friend “L” : ) She brought over koolaid! Yay! 🙂

One more cute story before I sign off though.  David’s speech is still mainly made up of memorized “scripts”, sayings, words, or phrases he has already heard being said by others either around him or in one of his shows or movies, most of them being immediate repeats as well (aka: echolalia).  As a result, we still get plenty of humorous moments out of him when he and others try to communicate.  One of my favorites from today was whenever someone would try to wish him a happy birthday, he would tell them happy birthday too. lol  I will quote one of my favorite examples that happened as my friend “L” (not sharing name for privacy reasons) was trying to say good bye to him after the party and wished him one last happy birthday:

L: We have to go now David.  Thanks for having us 🙂

David: Thanks for having us!

L: *gives David a hug* Happy birthday to you!

David: Thanks! 🙂  Happy birthday to you!

We all had a good laugh with that one. : )

Things I am thankful for: Day 2 (nope. haven’t forgotten 😉 )

A successful birthday party for my son with friends and family.  And of course the immense smiles on David’s face as well as on Joshua and the other guests 🙂 



  1. day 2 gratitude.
    I am grateful for good friends.

  2. Sherry

    Glad his party was a sucess . God Bless you guys

  3. Thanks Sherry 🙂 And an extra thanks to Gentlestitches for joining me in the daily thanks 🙂

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