An Autism Diary

A day in the life of David Hartley

Little progress is still progress :)

Things I am thankful for: Day 7
Brotherly bonds. 

David loved Joshua from the start and has always been protective and a good brother 🙂 Now that Joshua is older, he is starting to repay the loyalty and love 🙂

Joshua just taught David how to pop his own popcorn in the microwave! 🙂  I succeeded at teaching Joshua last night but haven’t been able to get David to understand the microwave before even though I have tried numerous times.  Nothing too major really, but it’s progress and it helps with independance so I am pretty happy. : )  And David is estatic! lol 🙂

I am always amazed at how these two can reach each other when no one else can.  Similar scenarios have played out so many times between these two (and it has gone both ways) and it always warms my heart. : )



  1. That is a great story. I bet they both feel proud of themselves as they should. Mastering a new skill is a big deal for anyone.Today
    I am grateful for weekends and friends. (can I have 2 things?)

    • Definitely : ) And on the daily thanks? You can have as many as you want. 🙂

    • Did you see the picture by the way? I didn’t get it in there when I first published this, but it’s a cute one : )

  2. yes it is. : )

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