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Thankful For A Rest : )

another old one, but a good one 🙂

Today got off to a rocky start (still struggling with issues surrounding our broken van) but overall the day has turned out to be more laid back and even a bit relaxing. : )

The boys have been getting into the fruit loops a lot and playing with their Thomas and Friends trains.  We even got to cuddle in bed for a little while I read one of their story books to them a few times. 🙂  Then Joshua and David “read” it back to me.  I love it when they do that. lol  Of course, the story changes a bit when they do it though. 😉

I spent a lot of my time going through/organizing my craft room today which always gets David excited too.  He loves crafts and so he tended to be right there almost everytime I turned around.  With his trains in tow too of course. lol  I have been able to get a few more kid friendly craft supplies and am hoping to make some more fun projects with the kids for our upcoming Holiday Bizarre fundraiser on December 8th, that’s being sponsored and put on by Jog 4 A Paws. 🙂

We will have our own booth to use for information and for selling so I thought a fun thing to include on our selling table would be hand made crafts the kids helped make.  Especially since most of our items will be available to people who make donations verses being sold directly.  I will try and keep you all posted on our craft adventures as we go so you can all see what David is up to. : )

Something else, cool that happened today is David got some birthday cards in the mail from some of our inlaws.  It really made his day too and he and Joshua are STILL playing with them.  Or maybe I should say their trains are? lol

Overall I have to say today has been a really good day.  We needed this chance to just lay back and enjoy eachother for a change. 🙂  Things have been so hectic lately we weren’t getting a lot of that.



Things I am thankful for: Day 8
Extended family that cares and quality time with my kids 🙂



  1. Great post and really interesting re “Jog for A paws cause” those service dogs are amazing. I live with two very helpful dogs myself. : )
    Gratitude today is for Dogs.

  2. marciakayx

    You do get a lot done. Really, you do. I am so impressed.

    • thank-you. I appreciate the encouragement : )

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