An Autism Diary

A day in the life of David Hartley

Wild Little “Monkeys”

Had a long night last night when I couldn’t get the kids to go to sleep.  Joshua being the one to hold the longest as usual.  As a result, I was once again the last one to wake up.  Uggh…

As soon as the kids heard me getting up, they came running in with their hands up saying “no, no, no!” and David adding, “Please don’t be cross!”.  Anyone see where this one is going? lol

Of course with that kind of greeting, I had to hurry into the living room to see what they had been up to.  They got into the cookie dough and the papertowels…  and rearranged some of my furniture…

I put them in time out (sent them to the room) so I could clean up and hopefull also so they would calm down.  Then I hear crashes and booms… Uggh!  Go in there to find they took apart the big bed, opened the window, stripped down to their birthday suits, and were jumping around all over the place.

Can I get a “do over” today??? lol

Things I am thankful for: Day 9
A sense of humor that gets me through the chaotic days 😉



  1. Having had many experiences and still being relatively sane I have come to the conclusion that the keys to remaining sane are
    (a) sense of humour
    (b) compassion.
    grateful today for my own sense of humour.
    “please don’t be cross” Always disturbing when kids say that. Hilarious.

    • lol I have to agree on that last line for sure 😉

      As for the first part, I whole heartedly agree with you on it too of course. Definite good points. : )

  2. marciakayx

    I have just had similar experience with the grandsons. Sometimes I think instead of a house with rooms, we just need one big room so I can see what they are doing all the time. Sigh.

    • sounds like a good idea to me lol

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