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An Autism Thanksgiving

sleepy Joshua didn’t want to wake up lol

Hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving holiday. 🙂  And for those that don’t celebrate Thanksgiving or who are out of country, I hope you all had a wonderful day. 🙂

Over here, we have a lot of food sensitivities and Joshua has a ton of allergies so our Thanksgiving meals tend to stray from the traditional meal spreads quite a bit. lol  We also tend to have just the three of us to celebrate as well so no huge gatherings over here.  That’s okay though because it allows my boys the freedom to just be themselves without any worries of anyone reacting badly to it. : )

David says happy Thanksgiving 🙂

Our original meal was planned out with the boys’ help and included popcorn, macaroni and cheese, crescent rolls, hotdogs, pumpkin pie, and ice cream sandwiches. : )  The pumpkin pie wasn’t cooperating during the cooking process though and my health started giving out on me a lot sooner than usual (I hadn’t even started cooking yet…) so we ended up with just half of the menu when it was all said and done. (I am still holding out a little hope for that pumpkin pie though just in case 😉 )

Joshua says happy Thanksgiving too : )

The boys enjoyed the meal though and I even got them to participate in telling me things they were thankful for. 🙂   Some of their answers made me laugh and some were practical.  And some were just repeats from hearing their brother say it first. lol  Good old Autism based echolalia at work there.  ; )  I will include our lists at the bottom for you all to see. : )  Mine is just a partial list though. lol  What can I say?  I have been blessed a lot in spite of all our hardships and therefore have a lot to be thankful for. : )

Hope you all are having a wonderful day and are able to take some time to reflect on all your blessings too.  No matter how you choose to do so. : )

David gives thanks : )

Joshua gives thanks : )

mommy gives thanks : )



  1. Sounds like a wonderful Thanksgiving! I like the thankful compilations you made!

    • thanks : )

      How was your holiday ES? : )

      • About as good as can be!

  2. Great to hear others out there have broken the mold to do a Thanksgiving that fits your family. Our big meal featured Goldfish crackers and Oreo cookies, especially requested by my older son. Nice list of things to be thankful for. I shared my son’s thankful list at

    • Glad to hear I am not alone in doing that with the meal. : ) A lot of people I know personally don’t really understand why I do it. They’re pretty supportive of it though anyway which I am thankful for. : )

      As far as your son’s list? Beautiful. I felt like I could see into his heart with that post. And it reminded me so much of when I look into my own son’s heart.

      As far as your blog? Priceless. Thank-you so much for sharing it with me and please keep writing. : )

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