An Autism Diary

A day in the life of David Hartley


I am sitting here amidst yet another mess (toy box got dumped all over the floor).  David has stripped down to his underwear (nothing new) and is playing with a train over on the dining room table (where my purse, paperwork and coat used to sit before he “cleared” them off…).  Joshua is sitting at my feet drawing on his magnetic doodle pad and making sure that not only do I look at every single mark he makes on that thing, but also that I smile, guess correctly as to what it’s supposed to be (thankfully I have learned into tricking him to tell me over half the time lol), and praise him for a good job.  All this while I am trying to finish up a beaded bracelet for a fundraising project, check messages on-line and respond to them, and get my work done and write this blog.


Usually I am not so bothered by nights like tonight.  This is pretty normal after all.  I guess I am just extra tired tonight.  It hasn’t helped that they’ve been cooped up all day either because I had to save gas so we could get to our meeting tonight.  A meeting that got cancelled and I didn’t get to find out until I had driven 30 minutes into town to be met with an empty parking lot.  *sigh*… To be honest, if my heater on my van was working and/or the night wasn’t so very cold I probably wouldn’t have minded so much.

Sorry I am not as positive as usual.  I’ll aim to be back to normal tomorrow. lol  Pray I can get some much needed rest and relaxation?? 😉



  1. I have a 22 yr old son who has high functioning autism. He used to strip naked even outside! Now he still has some quirks and challenges but he did outgrow that! LOL!!

    • lol my youngest will do that to me on a regular basis actually. David will strip mainly just down to his pull-up though. The most “interesting” times have been when he keeps insisting on trying it at resteraunts or while playing in indoor playgrounds. I have seen many a pair of pants or shorts come flying at me as I watch my now half naked toddler run off again. lol Embarrasing for sure. lol

  2. caffieneplease

    I hope you feel better. My 7 year old also strips down to his boxers the moment we step in the house lol

    • yeah, I’m fine. I usually am used to it all but that night I was just a little more tired than usual so I wasn’t up to the usual night. : )

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