An Autism Diary

A day in the life of David Hartley

Official Video

There hasn’t been much today to report on that isn’t strikingly similar to other posts (aka our day to day situation doesn’t change much usually lol) so I thought I would take this chance to re-post the official awareness video for (our main website).

Scott James generously allowed us free use of his song for the soundtrack of our video.  The pictures were created by me with the help of Margie from Speaking On The Spectrum who helped me gather info for the facts and statistics section. 🙂  And my friend Polly turned it all into a video for me. 🙂

My goal when making this video was to help raise not only awareness, but also more understanding and as a result, more compassion.  I hope you all enjoy the video.  Please feel free to pass it on. : )


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