An Autism Diary

A day in the life of David Hartley

A Chance to Ask Questions :)

What the bedroom is supposed to look like lol See the picture at the bottom of What Autism means for us – Part 2 if you want to see what falling asleep on accident while the kids are still awake can cause. lol

Today was a long one, but mostly laid back at least.  Greatful for that because it allowed me to get some much needed things caught up and even allowed me to take a “no incident” trip with the kids to Wal-mart for a change.  Yay for small victories! 😀  Even if they are just temporary. lol  Hey, I’ll take what I can get in that area. 😉 lol

I was still struggling with fixing the damaged toddler bed from the other day too and while trying to lift/drag the mattress back and get the first bed off of mine and back on the floor, my back slipped out of joint again.  Ouch!!  Thankfully, a neighbor friend of mine came to the rescue on that one and helped fix the broken bed as well as get and the other one back where they belonged for me.  so grateful for that one. : )

I don’t have much to write about today though other than that so I am going to use this chance to remind you all that Jim from Perfect Fit Canines will be here Saturday and is willing to answer any questions you all may have. 🙂  So far I have two questions collected for him but would love to hear from more of you. 🙂  No limit on the amount of questions either so please, ask away.  This is your chance to talk to the Autism expert from the service dog organization that’s training David’s service dog.

Leave your questions about Perfect Fit Canines, their service dogs, and/or Autism service dogs in general in the comments below and I will make sure he gets them for you and will be doing a special interview blog after his visit here to feature all the questions and his answers. 🙂  Thanks everyone!  And please feel free to pass this on to anyone else you think would be interested. : )



  1. I am just interested to hear more about it. Also will he bring a dog with him for a visit?

    • Thanks 🙂 Definitely will add this to the interview for you 🙂

      And yes, he’s bringing Sebastian with him. 🙂 Sebastian is a fully grown and trained service dog that represents the goals we’re hoping David’s puppy will achieve in both training and size. This will allow us all to get a good idea of how well David will be able to adjust to the size of the dog as well as help us all make sure we’re on the right track with the training we’re pursuing and whether or not David will respond well with the pairing. : )

  2. Okay of the people I have talked to, I have three questions so far. My husband Jason wants to know 1)How long has Perfect Fit Canines been around? 2) What the success rate of the dogs is? My sister in law Nikki wants to know how the dogs help with autism? I am sure I have questions, but I can not think of any.

    • thanks 🙂 I will make sure these questions get added to the interview : )

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