An Autism Diary

A day in the life of David Hartley


Today was filled with a lot more of our usual day to day stuff.  With the exception of David escaping into the carts area at a local Dillons while we were trying to leave.  Oh David… lol

Tomorrow though is promising to be a pretty important one for us though.  Tomorrow we’re headed off to David’s doctor to start the process needed to have David officialy checked for seizures and their frequency if they’re confirmed…  Yep, I said seizures.

What brought this on?  Well, when we were at the mall Saturday with my mom and with Jim and Sebastian from Perfect Fit Canines, David did indeed give us all a good look at some of his more serious struggles and issues.  And to my surprise, one I wasn’t aware of surfaced as well.  Focal Seizures.  Nothing is diagnosed yet as we have to go through the doctors and the tests and everything to be absolutely sure on everything of course, but we were in the presence of someone who has had a lot of exposure to and experience with these kinds of seizures and he told us what he saw, what he thought it could be, and to get ahold of David’s doctors as soon as possible.  So I did.

The specific incident that stands out in my mind the most (there’s been at least three between Saturday and yesterday), was one where David had entered into a meltdown mode and was having trouble calming down and remaining calm.  At one point, while I was trying to brace/hold him, he was flapping his hands and chanting/shouting “train” over and over (the original source of meltdown trigger) and suddenly his hands went to a more jerking  motion than flapping and his head tilted back as he stared off into nothing and stopped talking temporarily.  When his head came back down, everything picked up where he left off (the flapping, chanting/shouting) as if nothing had even happened.

Tomorrow we will be trying to figure out what we need to do now.  And what we need to do to find out exactly what’s going on here, how bad it is, and if there are other things going on that we might have missed as well.

I promise to let you all know more as I am able.



  1. Oh dear. I do pray it is not seizures!

    • In a way, me too most definitely. On the other hand… having some answers finally would be nice too. I guess I am torn because as much as I want answers, I wish they didn’t have to lead to such serious issues…

  2. sherry

    U know I’m praying for yall

  3. Even if it is seizures (which I hope it isn’t )you both will be able to handle it with the help of your doctors and suport networks. It definitely isn’t anything you need but is something that can be managed. Also sometime children can grow out of them. Praying for you.

    • thank-you for the encouragement and prayers

  4. Dear David’s Mom,
    I am new to the experience of Autism! I am looking forward to read you blog thoroughly to understand you and David better!
    God bless you with strength and love!

    • Thank-you : ) I hope you feel welcome here : ) Please feel free to ask questions. I will answer what I can. : )

  5. caffieneplease

    You will be all right! I just went through the seizure diagnosis with my son in April this year. My advice is to keep a (possible) seizure journal. If you can video record the symptoms, do it! That helps the doctors a lot. Request to see a pediatric neurologist first thing. There is actually a link between autism & epilepsy. (thats when I realized my son might be autistic) I had taken my son to the doctor so many times with no help before I requested to see a neurologist who diagnosed my son with complex partial seizures right away. An interesting fact is that some of the seizure medicines prescribed are also used for treating autistic symptoms (anxiety, mood stability). Every single EEG my son had, a seizure was never recorded. If you have any questions, you can message me. I hope you get the answers you need!

    • Thank-you for this very much. I truly appreciate the advice and guidance. It means a lot to me. : )

      I do have questions, but I don’t know how to message anyone on here short of leaving comments on blog posts.

    • We’re headed to an EEG in just 5 hours by the way. Saw his pediatrician on Tuesday and she said this is the next step. How do I request the pediatric neurologist and who do I request them from?

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