An Autism Diary

A day in the life of David Hartley

A Shift of Focus : )

Today has been a sort of forced version of “laid-back” which overall has been good for us here.  Things have been stressful lately for sure, both good and bad, and that can take it’s toll on anyone.  I wasn’t necessarily wanting for today to go the way it did at first though because I am waiting for some much anticipated answers from David’s testing that I now know won’t be in until at least Monday.  Not good for a mommy who leans disproportionately towards a worrywart personality when given too much waiting time with too little information. lol

It’s been good for me none the less though because to be honest I needed a break from focusing on it all, and the delayed results as well as other things that went on today to draw me from my original plans (huge distraction day today) forced me to take the break I needed.  Granted, the various problems and struggles are still here and some new ones even have been added to the mix, but taking a step back in spite of it all to just relax is a good thing from time to time.  Even if you have to be forced to do so like I tend to. 😉 lol

I also have been trying to take some extra time to focus more on our next big event which is coming up this Saturday.  Thanks to the generous support/sponsorship from Jog4APaws, I didn’t have to organize the events this time or gather all the businesses for it which has given me a much needed break both mentally and physically.  I did help where I could though and am glad to say a reporter we know from Channel 10 helped get the word in for Jog4APaws to get on the news.  I also have been working on trying to finish prep work for our booth (David tore up our display board for one thing…).  We will have a booth there for the whole event with David making appearances as he is able so people can meet him. : )

Since our event this Saturday offers a chance to feature crafts as well, I also have been putting my love of crafts back to work and will be selling them at the DogForDavid booth at the event.  Here’s hoping people like my work enough to buy it. lol  If I succeed, I might continue selling crafts from our facebook site to help continue to bring in funds for David’s dog.  Every little bit helps. : )

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