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Fundraising News and Volunteer Opportunities :)

Calling all volunteers, both near and far!

Calling all volunteers, both near and far!

Two posts tonight as I have a lot to get shared. lol  For the original post with updates on our family click here.  This post though is featuring our fundraising news.  Have to do it from time to time. lol  We are trying still to raise the money for David’s service dog.  We have a long ways to go, but I know we will get there. : )

I have been working on some promotional items on the side for David’s main site to help with our fundraising efforts and with getting the word out.  Looks like we finally have a shirt company that is going to help us out with supporter shirts starting in January which is great news for us as I’ve been working on that for quite some time now! 🙂  I also have been working on fan bracelets featuring our rainbow paw prints design and has already helped us by designing and providing decals for our fans that feature the rainbow paw prints and our website address. : )  The money raised from these things will all go towards helping us reach our goals for David’s service dog.  I will try to post more information on them as I get pictures of all the items. : )

Our next big event (after this Saturday) is being planned for mid to late January and will be an on-line benefit auction hosted from our facebook page.  If you or someone you know have something you can offer for the auction, please let me know either through e-mail ( or in the comments.  We are looking for craft items, gift certificates, services, toys, novelties, and anything else that one can come up with and would be willing to donate toward’s David’s cause. : )   Items can be sent to us or directly to auction winners and credit will be given to our donaters/supporters with a special thanks (and free promotion if connected to a business or blog). 🙂  Also, all donations are tax deductible. : )

We are also currently looking for volunteer work to help lighten the load on my shoulders in the fundraising department so I can give more quality time to David and Joshua again.

Volunteer opportunities include:
Word of Mouth (tell others about us, our site, our blog, and/or upcoming events)
Web Site Maintance (help me keep up with the website ( and, if you can, help me tweak the design to make it more efficient)
Crafters: Both Experienced and Beginners welcomed : )  (help with display items, promotional items/designs, auction and raffle items, etc)
Printing Services (for fliers and brochures for various events)
Social Media help (I don’t have a clue how to use Twitter and really don’t have time either.  Also could use some help keeping the facebook page up and running and with fresh content that can help attract readers.)

For local supporters/fans we have some specific volunteer opportunities that inlcude help at events with things like set up/take down, passing out fliers, and manning the booths so that breaks can be taken when needed and/or so I can focus on someone wanting more info without having to neglect the booth in the process.

If any of you are interested or know someone that may be, please drop me a note and let me know or leave a comment below. : )  David and I greatly appreciate it. : )

Thanks everyone : )


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