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Interview with Perfect Fit Canines :)

Here it is! 🙂  Sorry for the delay but as promised, I’ve collected the questions we recieved and gave them to Jim from Perfect Fit Canines.  You can read the interview below.  A special thanks to all who submitted questions!  I also want to say thank-you to all our readers and followers for your ongoing support and encouragement. : )

Interview with Jim from Perfect Fit Canines:

Q. 1) (submitted by 1 Digital Fingerprint)

I can see David is going to meet a special dog soon, but what is it about the dog? Will it help with communication, or is there something else?

A) Help David with communication? Well yea he can by helping David with socialization as well as calming David so he can articulate his thoughts better.  Autistic individuals often have trouble with keeping focused and wonders in thoughts. This throws up road blocks resulting in children giving up.  Dogs break down these walls.


Q. 2) (submitted by Caffiene Please)

Is there a particular breed that is best?

A) We like English Labs due to their size, strength, agility, and intelligence. But other organizations use other breeds as well we just found that these dogs work for us and our clients.


Q. 3) (submitted by a Facebook fan)

Do you train dogs for emotional disorders?  My son has a TBI and has emotional issues somewhat similar to an ASD child.

A) We train for a variety of issues as long as the child is on the spectrum, i.e. seizures, bolting, emotional meltdowns and up to 30-40 different issues common with autism.


Q. 4) (submitted by Gentlestitches)

I am just interested to hear more about it. Also will he bring a dog with him for a visit?

A) Well yes I did, I brought Sebastian with me. To learn more look on our website at or call me at 412-559-8564 I’ll be glad to answer all your questions.


Q. 5) (submitted by Jason)

How long has Perfect Fit Canines been around?

A) 2+ years although our trainer has been training dogs for 35 years and I have been working in autism for over 15 years.


Q. 6) (submitted by Jason)

What is the success rate of the dogs?

A) hmmmmm well that’s hard to answer, dogs are living breathing creatures and sometimes fail. One comes to mind Blue who was a wonderful dog but bonded to mom and not the child and so he failed and was sold and we started all over with a new puppy.


Q. 7) (submitted by Nikki)

How do the dogs help with autism?

A) Sorry Nikki. Trade secrets. But look up top, I think I answered this.


Q. 8) (submitted by Autism Through A Sister’s Eyes)

Does David have a dog yet?

A) We have 5 young pups in training at the moment whom are busy learning various tasks to help those on the Autism Spectrum.  These dogs will be evaluated as they progress through the program.  We are not making a client to dog match at this time.  David is line for one of these dogs.


Q. 9) (submitted by Autism Through A Sister’s Eyes)

What will his dog do to help him?

A) Please refer to answers given in similar questions above.




  1. I love dogs and now I think I love them even more.

    • Pretty cool isn’t it? : ) Wait until you get to meet one. Meeting Sebastian over the weekend while they were here was so neat and wonderful! : )

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