An Autism Diary

A day in the life of David Hartley

A Wonderful Bazaar! :)


Us at our booth. : )  One of my neighbor vendors (and one of my favorite ones) took this picture of us. : )

Us at our booth. : ) One of my neighbor vendors (and one of my favorite ones) took this picture of us. : )

We are finally home, David is finally asleep, and Joshua (even though he’s still awake…) is finally settled down.  Time for blogging! lol

The Holiday Bazaar fundraiser put on by Jog4aPaws was a lot of fun! 🙂  I got to meet a lot of wonderful people (including the people behind Jog4aPaws 🙂 ) and got to see a lot of cool new things. : )  David, while there, was a bit overwhelmed so he wasn’t able to stay for long periods of time, but he did get to meet a few vendors during the event. : )  One of them even got a couple pictures of him and was so kind to share them with me because I couldn’t get any of my little rambunctious wiggle worm at the event. lol

DavidDavid did have a few moments that pretty much screamed his struggle points, but the beautiful part is that everyone there was so understanding and compassionate about it all.  It was such a wonderful and supportive environment to be in and I couldn’t have been more grateful for that. : )  Even a shopper or two stepped in to volunteer their help when they saw David and me on the ground (he was borderline meltdown and I was trying to get him out of a booth he kept trying to take things from).

While at the event, I was also able to get a really cool box to add to my personal Ariel collection.  I love The Little Mermaid as well as it’s sequel and prequel.  I even love the cartoon that came out of it on the Disney Channel.  I don’t get to see that one very often though.  And to top all of that?  I also have a Little Mermaid comic book collection!  Yep.  Comic books! 😀 🙂

Our booth : )

Our booth : )

We had our own booth set up at the event too where we could tell more people about us and try to raise a few extra dollars as well.  A lot of people stopped by and I got to share more about David, Autism service dogs, and Autism in general. : )   And thanks to Jog4aPaws, we had a great looking booth too. : )  They helped me with the cloth since my originals were lost, and they helped me get some of it set up the night before. : )  Very grateful to them for that. : )

the rest of our booth :)

the rest of our booth 🙂

We also got to debut our fan wear at the event.  The shirt and bracelet I shared earlier with you all. : )  So far we have 5 shirt orders and 3 bracelet orders.  I am busy, but I like this kind of busy. lol  Thanks to those that have ordered!  I truly appreciate it. 🙂  We sold a few of our decals at the event as well.  And a few miscellanious crafts.  Only 1 candy bar though. lol  If I don’t start selling those things quick, they might end up on my hips this holiday season. lol  What can I say?  They’re chocolate, and I’ve been trying to sell them since the begining of fall. lol  Anyone interested by any chance? lol

David's special gift to use with his dog. :)

David’s special gift to use with his dog. 🙂

We also recieved a wonderfuly thoughtful and generous gift from one of the vendors there. : )  A sweet lady from the Norwex booth gave David a gift of a special set of washing gloves and towel to help him be included in washing his new dog when he gets it without it all messing with his sensory systems so much!  And since the set is made out of special fibers that help with the cleaning as well, it’s also like a gift to David’s future service dog as well. : )  Such a kind gesture.  A big thanks goes out to Robin Janzen from Norwex for this kind gift. : )

All in all, the event was a huge success and I want to give my deepest thanks and gratitude to all who helped make it happen. : )  From the Jog4aPaws staff and volunteers, to the vendors at the various booths, and to all the customers that came and shopped. 🙂  Thank-you! 🙂

The Ariel box I mentioned (had to squeeze in a picture of it lol).  I loved it so much, I put it to use right away. :)

The Ariel box I mentioned (had to squeeze in a picture of it lol). I loved it so much, I put it to use right away. 🙂


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