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Remembering the fallen…

A couple of days ago, something truly horrific and tragic happened in my country.  It wasn’t in my home town, or even in my home state, but as a friend of mine so aptly put it, things like this affect everyone.

At first I wasn’t sure if I was going to feature a blog post on the subject.  The subject is painful, difficult to look at, and even harder to write about.  Where does one find the right words?  How does one offer comfort to the survivors or show the fallen justice? What can one do or say with such horrifying tragedy?  How does one shed light or hope into such darkness?

I am still not sure how to answer those questions fully, but I do agree with something I saw someone share through my Facebook news feed.  A move has been started to counter the media’s over attention and resulting glorification (although it be un-intended) of the gunman by sharing the names of the children and staff and pledging to remember at least one in place of the name of their assassin.  Give these precious lives a chance to live on in the memories of those who love them and in the hearts of us all.

I have found the below picture through my Facebook news feed as well.  It came from a page called Paw Circles and Prayers and was posted with the invitation to take and share as much as possible.

May these precious children, and the staff who lost their lives trying to protect them, rest in peace.  And may those that survived and those that were left behind to mourn find comfort and hope in the midst of all this…

rest in peace... (photo credit goes to Paw Circles and Prayers facebook page)

rest in peace…
(photo credit goes to Paw Circles and Prayers Facebook page)



  1. Good post, David. I typed a few words about Connecticut, too: In the wake of this horror, everyone from atheists to pastors has asked “Where was God???” Here’s my attempt, however inadequate, to answer the question:

    • Thank-you for sharing your post here. Comforting and assuring points indeed. God was definitely not absent and His heart is breaking too with all this.

      My heart is crushed by the consequences of the shooter’s choices, but I am confident that someway, somehow God will bring comfort and good out of this tragedy at some point.

  2. A beautiful, sensitive post. I also liked the links. Your post has helped.

    • thank-you Gentlestitches. that means a lot to me to know

  3. I put, “Remember Them” on my side bar.

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