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We had a fun New Year’s Eve last night, but the boys got so wound up from it all I didn’t get to go to bed until around 10:30… in the morning! Because of that, today has definitely been a laid back, do nothing sort of day. lol Until that is, David found the forgotten bubbles. Yep, my mom gave us bubbles to play with for last night but I forgot about them until David discovered them this evening. So we played with them tonight instead.:) They really love their bubbles time. lol Hope you all enjoy the pictures. : )

Bubbles 1

Bubbles 3 -new blog

Bubbles 4

Bubbles 5

Bubbles 6 - new blog


  1. By the way, for anyone that may be interested, I started a side blog.:)

    To understand why I did, please read the post “So much more…” : )

  2. Lovely pics of lovely happy kids. Gotta love bubbles. A friend told me yesterday she takes bubbles on public transport and blows some if there are bored, crying children. Fair Dinkum! Yesterday!

    • That’s a great idea:) I am going to have to use that. Thanks : )

    • I saw you stopped by my other site. Thanks:) The latest post was a bit of a double cover, but I promise that will be kept to a minimum. I just had to share that hair though. lol : )

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