An Autism Diary

A day in the life of David Hartley

A third and fourth award (edited)

First, I would like to say I am deeply humbled and very grateful for the wonderful readers and followers I have here and for all the support my family and I have been shown and given.  I appreciate it all from the likes and comments to the awards that I have been getting from our peers here in the blogging world.  Thanks to everyone for helping An Autism Diary get off to such a great start. 🙂  We owe a lot of it to all of you. 🙂

Secondly, I would like to take this moment now to acknowledge two more awards we have received here recently. 🙂  The Versatile Blogger award and the Wonderful Team Member Readership award.  Thanks very much to Gentle Stitches for honoring our blog here with these two. 🙂


1st up is the Versatile Blogger award:

versitle-bloggerRules of acceptance:
1) Display award on site
2) Announce win with a post and link back to blogger who gave the award to you
3) Present 15 awards to deserving bloggers and provide links to their blogs
4) Post 7 facts about yourself

7 Facts about myself:

~~ I truly enjoy crafts and got most of my inspiration as well as encouragement with them from my Grandma Jane.

~~ I am a single mother of two wonderful boys.  Both now diagnosed on the Autism Spectrum.  David with classic Autistic Disorder and Joshua with PDD-NOS (with a possibility still out there of Aspergers or something similar)

~~ I myself have a condition known as Ehlers Danlos Disorder.

~~ David (this blog is about him after all 😉 ) collects cowboy boots (and random cowboy related items), trains, cars, and horses. : )

~~ David is the most fluent in sign language among the three of us here.  He taught himself a large portion of what he knows from a book that I own before he lost his reading skills in a regression.

~~ David greatly enjoys music and that has been a tool I have been able to use to help break into his world and help him connect.

~~ Although David has trouble connecting with and staying in “our world” at the level most tend to want/require, he does have an intense passion for everything he encounters, learns, hears, and sees.  And those closest to him are the ones that get to see this precious aspect of his personality the most. : )

My nominations:
I am not going to be making 15 and I hope that is alright with all of you.  I also won’t be officially nominating those I have already seen nominated, but please know that I definitely second the thought and congratulate you on your awards. 🙂

1) Kate, Cracking Up  A wonderful blog I just recently stumbled upon.  Need a laugh?  Want a break from the mundane?  Enjoy cartoons and hearing about the humor that can be found in everyday experiences?  Come check her out. 🙂
2) Zach’s Voice This one is a newbie so to speak in the blogging world but he is definitely worth a shout out. : )  I find his posts relatable as well as inspiring.
3) Hot Wheels Goes To… I truly admire how this wonderful and fun lady doesn’t let her disability keep her down.  I also enjoy getting to read about all the cool places she goes to on her vacations.
4) Did I Earn A Smile?  My favorite part about this blogger and her blog is how she can always find the sunshine through the clouds. : )
5) SamWith3Kids This blogger is a friend of mine who is just starting out and is trying to find her footing in the blogging world. She Shows a lot of potential but could use a little encouragement. Please stop by and tell her DogForDavid sent you. 🙂
6) A Few Clicks to a Digital Fingerprint  I enjoy his range of subjects and how he keeps his readers thinking.
7) Living and Homeschooling With A New Normal I enjoy her variety of style and find her story both inspiring and touching.

Please feel free to add your badges even if you don’t have time to do the post right away.  I wouldn’t give you the award if I didn’t think you earned them. : )  When you do get the post done though, please be sure to let me know so that I can come read it. : )


Now for our next award, Wonderful Team Member Readership:

1) Thank the giver of the award and link back to their blog in your post
2) Nominate 14 more blogs and include their links
3) Post award on your site

As I said at the beginning, Gentle Stitches is the kind heart who nominated me for this award.  Thanks Gentle Stitches. : )

My nominations (again, I am not going to be doing the full amount.  Sorry.)

Gentle Stitches

Evil Squirrel’s Nest


Living and Homeschooling With A New Normal

Did I Earn A Smile?

A Few Clicks to a Digital Fingerprint

I want to thank you all for that extra effort you have shown and given to go the extra mile to help me stay encouraged and keep writing. : )  Since this was a team type award, I wanted to give you all a special shout out.  Thanks for your support.  🙂



  1. caffieneplease

    Congratulations! Thank you for thinking of me 🙂

    • Thanks and your welcome : )

    • lol I just noticed I had forgotten one of the award pictures. I got it in there now though. : )

  2. Good morning 🙂 I am so, so encouraged that you thought of me for this. I really appreciate your sweet comments! And also I just kind of think you are fantastic 🙂

  3. First off, congratulations! I agree with Kate. You guys are fantastic! I’m also glad to see, “Did I Earn a Smile” on here. They are such a sweet family too! I haven’t seen the other blogs you listed so I am gonna check them out! Lastly, I’m honored that you chose me but I do already have a Versatile Blogger award!

    • oops! Sorry. I thought I had checked for that.

      and thanks too by the way 🙂 And as far as Did I Earn a Smile? Yeah, she’s wonderful 🙂

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