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A Break and a Special Series

my new craft :) a crochet flower

my new craft 🙂 a crochet flower

Today, mommy took a day to do what she wanted to do for a change. lol  I have been trying to complete a store run for a few days now with little success and I also have been longing to have a chance to work on the new craft project that GentleStitches posted the instructions for.  With the way things have been going though, and the increasing hyperness and sleep issues with the boys, it was becoming clear I wasn’t going to be accomplishing anything except maybe holding onto my sanity. lol


Joshua playing peek-a-boo with my while I worked

Joshua playing peek-a-boo with me while I worked

So, that being said, today when the boys and I woke up and they were relatively cooperative (at least enough to finally get our store run done and for me to sit down with something) I decided this was the day I was just going to have some mommy fun. : )  Yeah, the house is a disaster again because of it. lol  And the boys did get bored on me more than a few times so I took small breaks to just play with them and have some fun, but overall I got to have a day where I got to relax and work on a hobby.  Crafts. 😀 🙂  And I have to say, it was a very nice feeling. 🙂  I know I can’t do this everyday, nor do I plan to try to do so, but sometimes one just has to take a step back and enjoy a break from the norm.  Even if it’s a “forced” one. : )

David working on his letters (and showing off for the camera once he saw it lol)

David working on his letters (and showing off for the camera once he saw it lol)

On another note, I have started working on a special project for this blog.  With spreading more education and awareness about Autism being one of our main goals here at DogForDavid, I was thinking it would be good to give you all a more complete picture.  By now, a lot of you have read enough of this blog to know about David’s and our family’s Autism realities, but I would like to take you all on a journey that can show you so much more.   This journey will be made of a special blog series posted right here by a variety of guest bloggers who experience Autism in all sorts of different ways. : )

David peeking out through his doodle pad

David peeking out through his doodle pad

I have already secured a blogger for the sibling point of view and will be trying to bring you different areas of the spectrum, different ages, and even different roles (like friends, teachers, and even police if I can get who I am thinking of to agree to write here 😉 ).  I am currently looking for volunteers who would be willing to share their piece of the Autism world for this special blog series.  If you are interested, or know someone who may be, please send me an e-mail over at and let me know.  I will be excited to hear from you. 🙂  No one needs to be experts or well versed in it either.  I am looking for personal experiences from all over the spectrum and from all over the social circle.  Thanks everyone! 🙂

Also, as my readers, please give me a note below if you have a particular viewpoint you would be interested in seeing, if you like this idea for the special blog series or not, and/or if you have an Autism or service dog related topic you would simply like to know more about. : )  Thanks 🙂



  1. Loving that flower!

    • So glad you like it 🙂 Seeing your comments on it are making my grin stretch from ear to ear. 😀

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