An Autism Diary

A day in the life of David Hartley

A few updates :)

The last few weeks have had me pretty worn down, both physically and emotionally, which I have admitted to before, and that has resulted in my updates slowing down.  We are still alive and kicking over here though I promise. 😉 lol : )   We also have a few new volunteers to thank that have stepped up to help me here and there with our social media updates, which includes a new DogForDavidcom twitter page that is being created! 😀  A big thank-you to Samantha, Polly, and Michelle for the help. 🙂  Plus, we are still accepting volunteers for these areas and more if anyone is interested. 🙂

I also am still working hard on gathering our guest bloggers for our upcoming series about Autism and the Autism community.  Please stay tuned as I have had several wonderful people confirm their places for this special series and am hoping to gain the support of a couple more. 🙂  Confirmed topics so far will include:

Different countries
Living with a service dog
Personally diagnosed
Personally diagnosed and raising a kid
Parenting a teen and transitioning into adult
Parenting Aspergers

I am still hoping to confirm the support of the teacher I contacted and gain the support of the police officer/dad I’ve contacted as well as a mom raising a little girl on the spectrum.  Also, still looking for volunteers or leads to fill the roles of “personal friend” and “therapy specialist” (O.T. or speech therapist preferred, but I am open to a representative from any of the numerous therapies our kids have a tendency to need).  If any of you would like to volunteer, please give me a shout out in the comments!  Also comment if any of you have any suggestions for me too.  Thanks everyone. 🙂

My hope with this series is to provide a much bigger picture for all of you about Autism and the community that forms around those of us living with it either personally or through a loved one.

Meanwhile, David and our family will continue to share our adventures as often as I can. 🙂  That part of this blog, though delayed from time to time, will never go away. 🙂


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