An Autism Diary

A day in the life of David Hartley

Sleepless Energizer Bunnies

I recently started a new attempt to get the kids and my sleep/wake scedules into a more normal pattern.  It backfired on me worse than the last time I tried to force it. lol  I am sitting here on the couch, trying desperately to keep my eyes open at 5:56 in the morning while I listen to and watch my children continue to jump, run, roll, shout, play, tackle, giggle, etc…  Where do they get all their energy????   Look for my blog post update on them tomorrow.  Or should I say tonight considering it’s already past midnight?  I was going to wait for them to chill out and settle down before blogging but that moment still hasn’t come yet. lol

Hope you are all having a good day/evening. 🙂




  1. I feel your pain! Every time I try to force a new method of sleep scheduling it just backfires in my face and I get frustrated and he gets mad and I have come to terms with it (most of the time). I let him watch movies in his room as long as he is quiet and take all of the big toys out. Eventually he crashes out after the DVD menu plays over and over and he gets bored. It must be so hard with two…they can always entertain each other!

    • Yeah they definitely entertain each other lol Some nights I win eventually, most nights I admittedly don’t. Although these all nighters are starting to get way more frequent which is why I attempted to force us into a sleep schedule again. I keep dreaming. lol One of these days, I hope the dream will finally become reality thuogh and I won’t quit trying until it does. : )

  2. caffieneplease

    Have you ever tried melatonin?

    • Because of the risk for them having Ehlers Danlos, I can’t move forward with trying that until David can communicate better or we verify there is nothing to be concerned about in the Ehlers Danlos area

      • caffieneplease

        Aw, I’m sorry 😦 Before I discovered melatonin, I used to give CJ sleepytime or chamomile tea with milk and honey. He loved it and it mellowed him a little bit. I wonder if that is safe for David?

      • I will look into that. thanks for the idea 🙂

  3. If you could bottle that energy and sell it…….

    • lol you kidding me? I wouldn’t sell it, I would drink it so I could keep up with them better. lol 😉

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