An Autism Diary

A day in the life of David Hartley

Another all-nighter lol

Here we are, once again looking at a clock that says past 5 in the morning.  This time can’t be completely blamed on the two little guys though I will admit. lol  They do have some to do with it though. lol

Earlier today, they finally went down around 7 a.m. but I had to be up for the day by 8:30 so I couldn’t go down by that point or I never would wake up in time.  I did get a second wind so to speak that got me through the morning (David only slept for 3 hours, if that even) but it didn’t last. lol  By noon I was struggling to stay awake again and ended up falling asleep on them when I sat down on the couch.

I awoke sometime later to David trying to “tuck me in” with a blanket while I was still on the couch.  He was even giving me kisses on my forehead and telling me goodnight and sweet dreams.  🙂  It was pretty cute. : )   Then he climbed up with me and we both fell asleep until around 5 pm. lol  Thankfully, Joshua slept most of this time too for a change and was content to just watch a movie when he woke up and found me and his brother crashed out solid. lol

Remember this hyper little cutie? Well, he looks a LOT different now. lol

Remember this hyper little cutie? Well, he looks a LOT different now. lol

It’s looking like I am going to actually get to make it into bed this time though before the sun starts rising on me so I am going to jump on the chance. 😀 lol  Next time, I will tell you about Joshua’s new hair cut.  Yep.  We finally succeeded.  he wasn’t too happy at first, but he’s adjusted to it now and seems to like it. : )  Thankfully, he’s not emotionally attached to his hair like his brother David is.  David is so attached to hair that he goes into almost solid meltdown mode if you cut too much of it off, and you are pretty much left walking on thin/broken ice with him until it grows back out.

Yeah.  We’ve been there and I am NOT going back.  David gets to keep his long hair.  We just compromise now which means David sports a “mullet” haircut style quite a bit. 😉 lol



  1. Sleeplessness seems to be trending :/

    • I don’t know about trending, but I know my little guys have struggled with sleep issues for years now. We don’t always end up with all-nighters, but it does happen. And it makes me into one tired mom. lol

      • 3 of 5 of mine have sleep struggles. Between those 3, I have more all-nighters than I care to count. I usually try to declare a “mandatory” nap time the next day. It turns out much like your couch time did.

        Everyone piles into my bed, I turn a movie on, and whoever needs to sleep does. Whoever still can’t, watches quietly. The littlest two need naps still anyway, so it seems to work for us.

      • I like the idea of mandatory naps. I try them too when I get too tired. 9 out of 10 times though, I usually end up waking up to a destroyed house because I fell asleep and the kids never did. lol

      • The sleep issues are definitely one of the hardest things I deal with here. They are on the top of my list for things that are difficult about Autism. lol

        There are other things too for sure, but I have to admit the sleeplessness thing is hard.

  2. You have a lot of strength and love for your children! It’s really nice to read 😉

  3. I’m exhausted just reading this post! Bethany has insomnia a lot too but usually falls asleep by 3 am and I can sleep as long as she does in the morning so it’s not really that bad.

    • Not all our nights are this bad, but they’ve been struggling more than usual lately for sure. And it’s been happening enough that it has thrown off our sleep schedules pretty badly which is only adding to the problem. I have to admit I am trying hard to find a way to get things settled back down into at least “manageable” mode.

      • You may have already tried it, but sometimes melatonin helps. It makes some kids angry though so be careful! I learned the hard way with Bethany. It makes her really nasty.

      • Didn’t know about the anger risk. Thanks for the heads up. 🙂 And we haven’t tried it yet though because of David’s Ehlers Danlos risk. We are needing the genetic results on that one, or him to get better at truly communicating with us, before we try any medicine, herbs, or supplements.

      • Sounds like a good plan!

  4. This is for David 🙂

    • LOL That’s funny : ) And David likes it by the way. He’s dancing to it as we speak. lol

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