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Encouragement for the Beginners

A question posted through a facebook page that I follow definitely touched my heart. It was from a mom who just received the diagnosis for her precious son today… She was wanting to know if it was okay to have mixed feelings and to be taken aback a bit by the news even though she saw it coming ahead of time and had even talked to the doctors about it.

My heart goes out to her because I went through this too when David’s diagnosis finally was “official”. In case there are any other moms or dads out there that are facing the newness of an official diagnosis, I would like to share here what I shared with her through that post:


Same thing happened to me. You hear the word, you get the “warnings” and all the advice, you start to see the signs and finally take them in, you wait months or longer to get the results knowing in your head what they already are, and then…

Then the doctor says it. Then it’s written on paper. Then it’s more real than you ever realized before.

((hugs)) It’s going to be ok. Just promise to remember two things:

1) A diagnosis is simply there to help you know how to help, reach, and understand your child.

2) The diagnosis did not replace your child. Your precious son is the same wonderful miracle of a boy now as he was before the doctor said those emotional words.



  1. caffieneplease

    Great advice!!

  2. josie2shoes

    Thanks for dropping by my blog to read! I love your comments to this mom because it applies to so many situations in life, we tend to view other people, and even ourselves, by the labels placed on them. Just as you note, first and foremost we are ALWAYS the person we were meant to be, the one who needs love, understanding, acceptance, and encouragement, as everyone does!

    • So true. 🙂 And thank-you for stopping by. : )

  3. Well said.

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