An Autism Diary

A day in the life of David Hartley

Fun With Grandma

Tuesday night, my mom came over to stay the night with us so I could help her out a little.  The night went well for the most part (the boys were HYPER lol) and she got some much needed rest.  Come morning though, the boys and I were still awake because they simply couldn’t sleep so when it was time to go in and wake Grandma up so she could go to work the hyper level rose even higher. lol  One of my favorite moments from her stay though was after she had finished washing her hair and David saw her with a towel on her head.  When he asked her what she was doing, she teasingly said she dyed her hair green which caused David’s eyes to get a bit wide.  I reminded her he takes things literally though and she quickly salvaged the seen by letting David see it was just a towel.  Then she told him Grandma was being silly and David just simply said, “No.”  In other words, David wasn’t amused.  lol

What came next though was priceless and had me laughing so hard for the next minute or two.  Grandma quickly pulled the towel off her head to prove she didn’t really dye her hair and David got jumped, gasped, let out a little “aahh!” and curled up into the side of the cabinets attempting to hide.  Her hair was sticking up a lot and was all over the place messy from being wrapped up inside the towel.  At first, my mom and I thought he was joking with his reaction but then he slowly turned his head, and peeked out from behind his hands and asked in a shaky voice, “What did you do to your hair??!?!”.   LOL  Oh how that was funny.  I quickly explained she just washed it and had short enough hair that it couldn’t just quickly fall down after removing the towel like mommy’s hair does and that all Grandma needed was a brush and her hair would look fine again.

David’s response?  “Grandma need brush.  Go brush hair!”  ROFL  Life is never boring with a boy like David. 😉  Thankfully, mom was a good sport about it all. *chuckle*  She even let me take a picture before she brushed it all out.  It’s “calmer” in the picture then it was when David first saw it, but it still gives you the idea. lol

Grandma hair


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