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Late Night “Fun” ;)

Another late night for us here (no surprise there 😉 ) and guess what I discovered the boys doing again???


Yep, that’s right.  Bathroom pool creating again. lol  At least I was alert enough to realize they were up to something before they flooded my bathroom floor for the umpteenth time. lol  Although, I also discovered a little artistic creativity in a place where it shouldn’t be.  This is actually from the night before I believe, but I’ve been so tired that it could have been there longer (I use a different bathroom than them).

david's mirror drawings

And here is a bit of a “zoomed out” picture so to speak so you can see what I tend to do when I discover these two playing like this these days (I have to admit I have mellowed out in my reactions lately.  Mostly because I am getting used to it lol)


Hope you are all having a restful night.  Or a wonderful day if you’re one of my out of country readers. 🙂


  1. josie2shoes

    Children are drawn to water like moths to a flame, it’s such fun and if it splashes over and floods the floor, even more fun! Except for mom who gets to mop up the puddles and lakes. Drawing on the mirror is a fun game too, it should be followed up with a game of clean the mirror! 🙂

    • lol I agree. Especially on the last part 😉 lol : )

  2. Ahhh, better the sink than the,,,, well, you know. 😉

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