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Sunrise Talk

sunriseLast night, the boys didn’t go to bed at all!  They did calm down enough for me to direct them a bit and share some laughter and cuddle time (while they wrestled with me here and there lol) and I spent most of it showing them the sunrise in progress outside our window.  It was a beautiful one this morning. 🙂  I did eventually get a few pictures of it, but I didn’t think to do so until the sun was already completely past the horizon.  This was the first time we all truly shared in the beauty of a sunrise together though so it is definitely a priceless memory for me. 🙂

Another note on it though, is I have been trying to teach the boys about Jesus and God and how we can talk to Them and how we should thank Them for things like food, family, and things that make us happy (I figure that’s a good place to start).  So while we were watching the sunrise, I asked them if they knew Who made it?  They said no so I told them God and Jesus did and they wanted to say thank-you once they knew that so we said a short little prayer of thanks over the sunrise. 🙂  Then David surprised me and got after me for forgetting to say “goodbye”.  Goodbye?  Uh… ok.

sunrise2I went ahead and joined him in saying goodbye not sure where he was going with that until he started crying.  I immediately turned to him and asked him what was wrong and all he could get out was that Jesus left and that he wanted Him back.  Poor little guy.  😦   I tried to explain to him that Jesus didn’t leave and that He is always here for us and in the midst of it, I asked him if he remembers where Jesus lives.  His answer?  “In babies.” lol  That had to have been influenced by the recent Christmas season. lol

I eventually got him convinced that Jesus didn’t leave and that he is always here with us.  And to help assure him, I had him put his hand over his heart and feel the beating.  When he said he could feel it, I told him that as long as he still feels that, Jesus is still with him.  And that someday, we will get to actually see Him. (Again, I figure at this point, that is a good place to start.  He struggles with abstract concepts quite a bit)  This seemed to satisy him and he started smiling again while holding his hand over his heart.

Then Joshua chimed in.  For the life of me I can no longer remember exactly what Josh said and I wish I could (I knew I should have written it down right there and then. Dang memory. lol)  It had something to do with Jesus coming back and seeing his face though because David’s reaction was to correct Joshua and tell him that “Jesus doesn’t have a face.”  What?? lol  He then went on to say that Jesus doesn’t have a nose, eyes, ears, hair, foot, arms, tummy, etc.  He was naming off things that Joshua was grabbing at and tickling him on there towards the end. lol

When he was done, I tried to control my laughter and asked him what did he think Jesus looked like then???  His answer?  “Brown.”  Mommy: “The color brown? Just brown??” David: “Brown. Yep.”

Haha!  I love these kids. 🙂


  1. josie2shoes

    What a beautiful memory to cherish! Well worth a lost night of sleep, though I hope you managed to schedule in naptime today? 🙂

    • thanks : ) and thankfully yes lol

  2. I can’t help but, smile….Kaden has questioned me about God for 3 years now. We read the bible, read stories about him, attend church when we can and openly discus all things regarding Jesus and God. But, Kaden is so literal that he can’t wrap his head around it. If you can’t see it or figure it out on paper it’s not real. He will be 6 in a few weeks, so he is still young. Whenever I ask him how much he loves me he will always say right under God and Jesus. So, he has some understanding. He chooses to talk about God and Jesus at night before going to bed. Tough subject right before bed. HAHAHAHAHA I would love to do a sunrise with the kids….just might need to plan that. 😀

    • the literal aspect does make it more difficult for us to explain it to our kids, but I just imagine how wonderful it will be and how far their faith may be able to take them when they finally understand. 🙂

      If you get your sunrise moment, please let me know 🙂

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