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Autism: The Bigger Picture

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Welcome to what I hope to be a very special blog event right here on the DogForDavid blog, An Autism Diary! 🙂

430137_368151733263719_1031487728_nAs some of you may have already noticed, our first post of the special series has already been placed by our first writer, Autism Through A Sister’s Eyes. : )  She will be showing up here twice actually so be sure to look for her again on the 11th.  Yesterday, she shared with all of you the voice of her brother Josh,  a young man on the severe end of the spectrum who has a lot of heart and quite a huge light to shine. 🙂  On the 11th, she will be sharing her personal voice, the voice of the sibling. 🙂  To hear more about her and her brother (both are pretty amazing by the way if you ask me 😉 ), please check out her page link which I will include here in the developing schedule.  As each poster makes their post here, I will come back and edit the schedule post and add a direct link to their story to go with their name and their site (if they have one).  : )

303470_305337089546586_221411471272482_54519561_1275763275_nMy hopes for this series is to provide the best kind of Autism awareness there is out there.  The kind that comes directly from the Autistic community itself.  Now I have lined up a variety of writers with a variety of stories, and sometimes advice, to share.  But even if you were to read every single one of these posts, which I honestly hope you do, you will still only get a taste of what life with Autism can be like.  I encourage each and every one of you to reach out in your own communities and your own towns or cities and see what more you can learn as well as do about this wonderfully diverse community.  Learn about the struggles, hardships, and disabilities.  Seek out the triumphs and joys.  The celebrated milestones, innocent hearts and voices.  And don’t forget the unique talents that some of them can have, and the wide variety of those talents.

556158_324598930941198_201272173273875_811675_1001065054_nJust do me, and David ;), a favor.  Both while you read these posts as well as when you go out searching and creating more awareness on your own.  Don’t lean disproportionately to one side or the other.  Both the hardships and the joys have their place in the Autism community as well as in the lives of those living with Autism.  Both sides are real, both sides are important, and both sides are equally full of diversity and uniqueness for each individual child, teen, or adult.  Embrace this truth, and open your heart and mind, and you will have already made two very vital steps required in the whole Autism awareness movement.  : )

Next step?  Start learning. 😉





For more from the blog event
Autism: The Bigger Picture
please visit here. Thanks for reading! : )



  1. In case no one has mentioned it to you today, you are awesome. God has given you a challenge and you have stepped up to the plate. Don’t forget to take excellent care of your self at all times. One day when you have time (you must be sooo busy) you will write an excellent book (or two) about many subjects. You are a writer.

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