An Autism Diary

A day in the life of David Hartley

Update on David’s condition and hospital stay

For those that are not aware yet, David was rushed by ambulance to the hospital Thursday night while having repeated seizures.  Over the last couple of days, David has also developed very serious congestion and uncontrollable fever spikes (which at times have set off more seizures).  I am doing my best to keep the blog event that is currently going on running as smoothly as possible, but it may end up being stretched further than February 11th and might have possible interuptions here and there (like this one) to let you all know about how David is doing.  Please bear with me and thanks so much for your patience.  : )  I have been getting help with keeping his facebook page updated on his progress through a friend of mine, but wanted to let all of you know what is going on too.  Below is the latest update.  If you want to visit the facebook page to learn more, please feel free to do so.  You don’t need an account on there to just read our page. : )  Thanks everyone! : )


As far as David, we are all still in the hospital.  I can’t start the seizure medicine to help gain control of the seizures until I see the Neurologist which hasn’t come back by yet.  I tried asking my questions and sharing my concerns with the resident primary doctor and the on-call primary doctor, but they both admitted they didn’t know the answers and that the questions were serious and valid enough to merit waiting for the neurologist.  So we are.  He was supposed to be here last night but he didn’t make it by our room so I am hoping he can come Sunday night.

The tests for RSVs (respitory viruses and things like the flu) all came back completely negative so we are all still in the dark about what is causing David’s (and now mine and Joshua’s) severe congestion and cough.  With David especially, the answer is crucial to get because whatever is making him so sick is also causing his temperature to be completely unstable and he can have 2 to 3 fever spikes in a day if not more that come out of no where.  These fever spikes aggrivate his situation with the seizures and all that is going on there too.  Including triggering new rounds of repeated seizing.

Also, we have another mystery that got added to the table.  One of the doctors, after seeing some of the random abnormal tests and all that he is going through right now (the seizures with no confirmed cause yet, the severe congestion, the unstable body temperature, etc), and after remembering David’s history that is flooded with regressions and had an early onset for the first regression (9 months old) is now sending lab samples of to the Mayo Clinic to be tested for something called: Inborn Errors Metabolism.  I will share more about that when I can get the doctors to tell me more.

Over all though we are hanging in there and trying to live out as “normal” of days as possible while here.  Also, the two sets of surprise visitors we got really helped lift both my spirits as well as the boys’.  🙂  Thanks Jet and Austin!  And thanks to those that came with them too. 🙂  Also, a quick thanks is due to my mom who came and let me fall asleep on her and the boys.  She also brought us food from the outside 😀 Oh the simple pleasures in life. lol 😉



  1. Oh dear! I didn’t realize all this was going on! I didn’t even know that seizures had been confirmed. I am so sorry you sweet things are going through so much. I’m definitely praying David will feel better soon and that you’ll get answers that are easy to fix!

  2. Oh my…. I extend my good thoughts to you and David…

  3. Christi Ritchie

    Praying for you and the boys Cindi! ❤

  4. You are a great Mum or Mom as it is pronounced there. Soon you will all be able to go home again.

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