An Autism Diary

A day in the life of David Hartley

Back to David :)

Our blog event/series has come to an end and now it’s time to go back to updates and stories on our very own David. : )   There were a few bloggers that ended up not being able to submit their piece for the series due to health and other issues, but over all I feel the event was a success and I hope you all feel the same.  Of course, it’s perfectly okay to tell me otherwise too if you want to.  This blog has always been an open one for comments and opinions and that doesn’t stop just because I did a special event or anything. lol : )

My goal was to raise awareness on a much broader scale than David’s story alone could provide and to provide views and experiences from a variety of different people and situations.  The power of Autism awareness will always be centered in the real life stories and experiences from those living with it.  And although I am definitely one to agree that the voice of someone who personally has Autism is always highly valuable (two of our writers were Autistic themselves), I also believe in not only the power, but also the importance of the rest of us living in the Autism community sharing our voices too.  Of course, one of my guests said it best in her post here when she talked about the holes in the fence. : )

A lot has gone on with David though during all this so I will be filling you in on some of that and of course resume telling you about his day to day life and antics with a few fundraiser updates here and there.  Also, if the writers that ended up missing their post dates are able to get their pieces sent to me, I will be adding those in as well so you all can still see them.  I know David’s grandma was one of the writers and she said she will be trying to get her piece in for us all soon. : )

For now though I am signing off to finish what’s left of our day with my two little munchkins.  Hope everyone had a good Valentine’s Day and were able to spend it with someone they love. : )   Whether that be someone over 5ft, under 3 ft, or somewhere in between or even if it involves someone covered in fur. 😉 🙂



  1. HaHa same to you. Love on two or four or more legs.

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