An Autism Diary

A day in the life of David Hartley

Our Valentine’s Day

Our Valentine’s Day got off to a rocky start and was met with some pretty cruel strangers, but thankfully we were able to salvage the remainders of the day and the boys are happy. 🙂 I made them some place n bake cookies because we didn’t get the chance to bake together today. The boys enjoyed eating them though. lol And in sharing them with their babysitter too. : ) Their babysitter also blessed me today more than usual (as if genuinely caring about and enjoying my children and being willing and trustworthy enough to watch them for me wasn’t enough even though it definitely is as I am sure others can agree with 😉 🙂 ).

And while I was at sign class tonight, I won a small gift card to Wendy’s for being good at finger spelling. 🙂 That was pretty cool : ) We had all split up into teams of two for practice but this time, there were rewards waiting for those who could correctly get through their practice sessions the fastest. My team mate and I came in first. 😀

So in the end, we had a pretty good Valentine’s Day. : )  Below are some pictures of the boys with the gifts that came in the mail as a surprise from Grandma 🙂








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