An Autism Diary

A day in the life of David Hartley

Good reasoning, but the answer is still no. ;)

From time to time, David will want something bad enough that he will attempt to bargain or reason his way to getting it.  Most of the time, his arguments and offers are not that much so to speak (he is just a little kid after all) but there are times when he actually does a pretty good, even though humorous, job of working up some legitimate reasoning skills.

UntitledMy favorite was when he sat on Santa’s lap this last Christmas (first time he did that all on his own without any leading, prepping, or convincing/bribery on our part lol).  His birthday had just happened the month before so his mind was still freshly focused on presents and his newly found understanding of what they are.  He saw the shiny, sparkly boxes filling up space in the small sectioned off area for Santa and the kids who want to see him and he decided he was going to get him some of those presents.  Knowing he couldn’t just run up and take them though, he actually agreed to wait to be able to talk to Santa.

Upon getting on his lap, and being asked what he wanted for Christmas, David promptly asked for the giant “presents” that were nearby.  Santa of course started off with the lead as he explained the presents were not David’s, but then David promptly replied with, “can I open them?”.  lol  When repeating that the presents were not for David didn’t work, Santa went on to the next logical comeback.  “No one can open Christmas presents until Christmas.  It’s the rules.”  David thought about this for a mere second or two before replying with the question, “Are they real Christmas presents??”  When Santa answered truthfully by saying that they were only pretend, David resumed his request to be allowed to open them much to Santa’s surprise.  David’s reasoning on why he should be allowed to?

“If the presents are pretend, the rule doesn’t apply so I don’t have to wait for Christmas.”  Did I mention how much I love this kid. 😉 haha


207310_v2Elastic Band_ClipsI was reminded of this whole scene when David and I had our own little run-in with one of these little encounters with David’s brand of reasoning earlier tonight.  The night before I had purchased an ace bandage wrap in hopes I could wrap my rib cage to help ease the pain from my cracked rib so I could get some sleep.  Seeing as I was having to attempt to wrap myself and that I didn’t really know how to either, it is not much of a surprise to find out I couldn’t get it to work right.  Being too tired to roll it all back up that night, I simply folded it up loosely and then placed the little clips safely back in the box so they wouldn’t get lost or fall on the floor on accident.

Well, not that long ago, David discovered the box and of course that means he discovered the little clips inside and wanted to play with them.  When I caught him and told him to put them back because they were Mommy’s he complied immediately but then came back in the room to “talk to me”.  He proceeded with trying to explain to me why he should be allowed to go play with those little clips…

(the following conversation on David’s end was done through a mix of sign language and speaking)

David: I am not a boy, I am a kid and kids like to play, so let me play.

Mommy: No David.  Those are not toys.  They go to the band-aid for mommy’s ribs.

David: Mom, try to understand.  I am a kid.  I eat things and I play.  So let me play.

Mommy: I can’t let you play with those David.  They are not a toy.

David: Mommy.  Pay attention.  I am a child.  I play with toys.  So I can play with those.

Mommy: My answer is no David.  End of story.

David: I didn’t ask for story.  I want to play.

Mommy: Oh David… *chuckle*



  1. You can’t argue with logic! 🙂

  2. Future politician…. 🙂

  3. Clever little guy!
    I am tagging you! If you’d like to participate you can find the questions that you need to answer on 3/8/13 at
    Then you need to tag others with questions of your own!

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