An Autism Diary

A day in the life of David Hartley

Thanks for your patience :)

It’s been a while since I’ve written here and for that I apologize.  Seems I always struggle to keep up with everything when a fundraiser is approaching. lol  I do thank you all though for your patience and willingness to stick with us. 🙂

As a lot of you know, our latest fundraiser is this April from the 3rd through the 9th.  We have been granted the opportunity to be one of our city’s Autism Awareness events for Autism Awareness month. 🙂  We’re hosting an art show down at City Arts featuring work from across the country and even from other countries as well and from those on the spectrum themselves as well as their friends, family, and community members. 🙂  A lot of the artwork that was due to be coming in doesn’t look like it will make it (life happens and who better to be understanding about that than me? lol 🙂 ), but I am still very excited about this event and the artwork that is arriving.  We also will be hosting an official reception on the 4th where people will have the chance to meet David and me if they want to as well as have the chance to learn more about not only Autism, but also the Autism community. 🙂  I am excited to say I even got help in making my computer run a slide show that Perfect Fit Canines sent to me to help represent them so we will be able to share that with our guests this round. 😀  Also, our local police department is submitting artwork for the show as well as sending out David’s favorite officer to help speak at the event and to answer questions if needed about how officers can be a valuable resource and team member to add to an Autism family’s support network. : )

We’ve even been given a chance to join in on the Rusty Eck Ford free car raffle again this year and will be debuting our raffle tickets to sell at the reception. 🙂  They can also be purchased through our website until December I believe.  I will try and get more details on all that later.  The rules for the raffle though are the same as last year.  Tickets are $10 each and can be bought straight from DogForDavid.  Every dollar raised from the tickets goes straight to David’s service dog fund, not Rusty Eck Ford.  And each ticket gives the buyer one chance to win a brand new car of their choice up to the value of $25,000 from Rusty Eck Ford, Midwest Kia, or Midwest Toyota.  Sorry, but only those in or around the Wichita area can win (you ever try to ship a truck?? lol).  Last year, even though we got a late start (we were invited to join in around October) we still made over $1,500 from the raffle tickets alone!  I am excited to be given the chance to join this fundraiser opportunity again and to see how far it can take us this year. 🙂  Rusty Eck Ford is a definite pleasure to work with and I am honored to get the chance to do so again. 🙂  For more information on this or the art show fundraiser, please feel free to e-mail me at

As for David updates, he’s hyper and care free as usual which is a huge thing around here as it has barely been a month since his sudden hospitalization from the repeated seizures.  All signs and symptoms have disappeared and even most of the side effects.  We’re still slowly building back up from the severe regression he suffered during that time, but I am thankful to report we haven’t had any setbacks this round which is extremely unusual (and also extremely appreciated) as David’s pattern over the last 3 to 4 years has shown small regressions every week with big ones every few months.  I have no idea how long this streak will last or how far David will be able to go, but he and I both are enjoying every bit of it. 🙂

His neurologist is having us all watch David closely as a precaution just in case the seizures (or even symptoms) start to re-appear.  He also sent David to see a genetics specialist to look further into the Carnitine deficiency that was found during David’s hospital stay (through the inborn errors of metabolism test).  We’re currently in the middle of that process as we haven’t gotten David to cooperate for the lab tests yet.  Yep.  David is back and feeling great alright.  Which means his strength, paranoia of doctors/labs, and resistance is back to full power too. lol  One of the biggest confirmations that David wasn’t alright (outside of the recent seizures of course) while at the hospital was the fact he cooperated so well for us. haha  Although he did still have his struggles even there I will admit.

I will try to post again soon with some pictures of some of the things coming in for the art show as well as the painting David did mostly himself for a coming Perfect Fit Canines fundraiser. 🙂  Can’t wait to show that one to you all. 😀  It’s nothing fancy, but it sure is special to me. 🙂

For now though I need to get going and address the new messes the boys have made. lol  Yep, life is starting to get back to normal around here alright. 😉 haha


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