An Autism Diary

A day in the life of David Hartley

Work, then play.

It is 6:23 in the morning on my end and I haven’t slept a wink yet.  This is becoming quite typical over here lately. lol   The boys at least remained somewhat calm (although noisy) overall though which allowed me to catch up on some more blogs from some of my favorite writers. : )   I am still not done and caught up with everyone yet, but I am getting closer. : )

The past week has been an off one for us too as we stayed in town at Grandma’s from Monday through thursday afternoon in an attempt to get some local errands done as well as the all important lab tests that David was making clear were not going to be easy to get from him. lol  Taking three days isn’t too terribly bad though all things considered. 😉 haha  I have to say though that when it finally came down to the nit and gritty “just have to get it done” part, David showed true bravery even though he was terrified out of his mind and wasn’t afraid to let everyone in the room (and hallways) know it.  He protested and was pretty upset with me and the lab workers but he allowed me to still cuddle him afterwards and help comfort him again in between all the tests and probings.  He was truly a brave little trooper in my opinion.

Playtime with AustinIt was a beautiful day out today though so once we got home the boys got to run around out in the sunshine and they definitely enjoyed that quite a bit.  I also was able to get them to help me clean up the mess they made before heading off to Grandma’s earlier in the week by telling them their friend/babysitter “A” (I don’t want to use his full name without asking first and I forgot to ask) was coming over. : )  He’s truly a great guy and he’s wonderful with David and Joshua both.  They adore him too and I can’t help but laugh about how I am able to get them to cooperate when their being stubborn and rebellious by “threatening” to tell “A” about their behavior.  haha

They all had fun today too as since it was nice out they were all able to go out and play on the small playground behind my apartment for a while.  “A” took some pictures while they were playing too and showed them to me when I got home and the kids were so cute in them. lol  He shared the one I posted here with me before he left and I am hoping to get the others soon too so I can share them with you all as well.

I do have to mention something that threw me off though (in a good way).  When I first walked in the door, I found David fast asleep on “A”s lap!  My son, who hasn’t been getting to sleep before the sunrise in over 3 weeks, was fast asleep before 9:00!!  Turned out it was simply because all the all-nighters and hard play caught up with him though as from the sounds of it David was pretty cranky and difficult this evening which he only does when he’s finally wearing down and close to being able to sleep.  I was hoping it would last though and David would sleep through the night but since I couldn’t get Joshua down, David eventually woke back up and wanted back in on all the “action”.  And that’s what brings me here to my computer, reading blogs, updating posts, and writing when I should be (and truly want to be) sleeping. lol

And with that I will let you all go for now because the boys are finally down and I think I am going to go join them. 😉



  1. I don’y know how you do it and still keep your sense of humor!

    • the grace of God to be honest : )

  2. I love your blog! I would love to give more Autism Awareness on my blog Nannyville. I am looking forward to writing a piece on caring for a child with Autism. Can I quote you in my blog/reblog one of your articles??

    • Yes you may and thanks for asking. : ) I would be honored to be of help. : ) Can I ask that you share the link with me though when you do so I can see?

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