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As some of you have most likely noticed, I have gotten behind on this blog with all that’s been going on the last few months.  Although I can’t go back and try to cover each and every day I missed in a separate post, I can at least offer some highlights of the dates passed. 🙂  I also have been given a handful of wonderful and thoughtful awards from some of you that I truly appreciate and will be posting on soon. : )

First though, I want to keep my promise to share the boys’ Easter day with you all. : )  Sorry it’s late, but I hope you can still enjoy. : )


Happy Easter from David and JoshuaEaster 2013

The boys and I had a fun day with each other.  We were not able to spend the day with extended family, but we still found ways to make the day special with just the three of us. : )  My health was weak that day as well so we did a lot of relaxing and cuddling with each other and our Easter meal was a simple one of Tacos and Macaroni ‘n’ Cheese, two of their favorites.

Sleeping soundSince the night before was a long one, the boys started the day with sleeping in while I got things ready for the day.  I had to be sneaky and quiet though because they were still on the couch from last night.  I decided I wanted them to sleep more than I wanted to take the risk involved with moving them to their beds. 😉

candy rectanglesWhen they woke up, we had some “mommy time” and then opened gifts I had saved back for them that came through the mail and from Grandma’s house.  Each boy got some white colored m&m’s candies and of course David had to start lining them up before he could eat them.  This time though, he started practicing his rectangles with them instead of just making straight lines!  He’s finally able to retain what he learns for extended periods of time and I do believe I am not the only one happy about that. : )

Easter basketsAfter the presents, we all went outside and enjoyed a small egg hunt in our front yard.  I filled the eggs with chocolate robin eggs easter candy (the boys re-named them “dragon eggs” lol), some tootsie rolls minis, and their favorite: rainbow colored gold fish crackers.  Those last treats were such a hit they started trading their chocolate in for more.  I can live with that. 😉 lol

The eggs were not really hidden well because the boys are not that good at truly hunting for them, but the boys were still delighted to see splashes of color “suddenly” appear all over the yard and sidewalk.  And when they figured out those splashes of color were eggs and that there were treats hidden inside, there was no stopping them. haha : )

After the hunt, we all came inside to enjoy the two new movies Grandma had given us based off of their favorites when at her house.  A Curious George movie and a movie called “The Little Engine That Could”.  Both are great movies and the kids were extra excited to add them to their collection. : )

M4034S-4211Towards the end of the day, we all headed out for a drive to help calm some sensory systems and cure a bit of the “shut in” nerves that we were all feeling and ended up at Wal-mart to do a bit of basic grocery shopping.  While there, I surprised my boys by picking up a special treat for them in a character theme they both delighted in.  The cake decorator on duty was more than surprised but she couldn’t help but smile when she saw their reaction after she brought out the cake with their names freshly printed on it for them. 🙂  There are not many who can hold back their own smiles when beholding those of my two boys in their most excited state. 🙂

My only regrets are not getting to go to the church service/gathering that morning or afternoon (I was too sick and the boys had colds) and that we didn’t have a chance to meet up with any family.  I still have to say though, that I believe this was our best Easter yet. : )  Our family was together and relaxed, and love and laughter filled the day.  It can’t get much better than that. : )



  1. Looks like a great time and I love the Princess theme cake. Well actually I rather like cake in any form!

    • lol I have to agree on the cake comment 😉 : )

  2. dmnugget

    Thanks for sharing. It made me smile on my face and in my heart – Mom

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