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A day in the life of David Hartley

Doodles and Surprises

I sincerely apologize for not blogging as much as I usually do here lately.  It hasn’t been for lack of inspiration I promise.  With kids like David and Joshua running around, I don’t think that will ever truly be a problem. 😉 haha   The main thing is I am extremely tired and my health is starting to go down hill again too.  My kids are finally sleeping though. 🙂  Bad news is they’ve decided they like the night too much to give it up so despite all my best efforts (and those of countless others) they just will not go down until sunrise.  Uggghhh…  That’s the best way I can describe it right now.  Simply, “Uggghhh…” lol  Between that and all the work with preparing the artwork for the new showing (not to mention the normal every day stuff life hands us all) and I am really worn out.  I could honestly use some volunteers around here that’s for sure.  By any luck, is there anyone out there that can help at least on the digital/computer end of things?   Hey, can’t blame me for asking. 😉 haha

David's Trains and rainbow2On a different note though I do have something exciting to share about David. 🙂  He’s been practicing his doodling and drawing while I work away on all the paperwork and forms and type away on the computer trying to get everything ready.  Well, I’ve been saving his drawings and even took a picture of a few of them to share with you. 🙂  He’s starting to get pretty good at it too. : )   He’s obviously no da Vinci considering he is still just a little guy, but I still think he’s doing great and making great progress. : )

Something I should tell you all to help catch you up is we’ve been working on shapes again now that David is finally retaining things he learns for longer than a couple of weeks at a time.  It’s been a long time since we’ve been able to progress this far in our lessons (past simple colors, numbers, letters, and communication) because he kept regressing to the point of needing to start over with him.  It has been exciting to see how far he has been going this time though and I can’t wait to see how much further he can go. ^_^   He actually has grasped the concept of combining simple shapes to help him draw pictures of some of his favorite things. 😀  The drawings that show up the most are trains so far, but yesterday he was even able to surprise me by working in some triangle characters and even drew a rainbow with clouds!  All in pen and all on scrap paper (that obviously isn’t considered scrap anymore 😉 ), but you can still clearly tell what he drew!  I am so proud of him I could burst! ^_^

David's Trains - number close upYou haven’t heard the best yet though. 😉  Ready for this???  David is drawing his numbers!!!  That’s right!  I said numbers!!!!  He has NEVER been able to do that before.  He kept having set backs before I could get him anywhere close to it.  He has written before and used to be able to write his own name and a few other things right before losing it all in one of our biggest regressions shortly after he joined a public pre-school back around the age of 3.  And his letters have come and gone, back and forth, from the tip of his pen for the last year now.  But numbers?!?!  Nope.  This is a very first for them. 😀  In between regressions he could count them and recognize them when I would show them to him, but he never had been able to draw them out.  And he is not just drawing random numbers placed before him either!  He knows which ones are which and what number it is he’s wanting to make and he knows how to look them up if he can’t remember how to do them. : )  I will say though on the letters real quick that they are coming back for him too lately and I am very proud of him on that as well.  I just have to admit I am overwhelmed to see the numbers come out of him. 🙂  Firsts are always a huge deal around here. lol : )

David's fruit snacksAnother first, also having to do with numbers, is that David is starting to group things and count the totals in each group!  And with out me having to prompt him or walk him through it. : )  Just the other day he sorted out and lined up his fruit snacks like he always does before eating them and then he looked at them and started playing around with them.  When I looked down to see what he was doing he had sorted them out by color (not too surprising, as he has sorted like that since he was 2), separated the piles from each other (a little surprising because he usually just leaves them in a long line), and then started counting the individual totals!!!!  That last one is a BIG deal over here! 😀  He got every last one of them right too I must add. 🙂

Look out world!  My son is getting ready to take you for a wild ride!  We always knew David was smart as a whip, but the severity of his Autism was blocking his ability to really tap into it all and maintain it.  We never gave up though, neither David nor I, and now he’s starting to break through a little at a time. : )  The Autism is obviously still there and still causes its usual struggles and setbacks, but it’s not trapping his mind at the level it once was anymore. At least not in this area. 🙂  And to me, that’s reason to celebrate. ^_^


David's Trains and rainbow

David's Trains

David's numbers book




  1. That’s amazing I am so happy for you guys, and very proud of David. 🙂

  2. Way to go David!!

  3. thanks you guys ^_^

  4. caffieneplease

    Yay for progress! Cute pictures, David!

  5. Well done!! 🙂

  6. Thanks 🙂 He’s still going at it too. I just got a picture of letters and numbers all perfectly fit onto the line of the paper ^_^

  7. This is wonderful! David is a budding young artist! Next thing you know, there will be squirrels riding in those trains! 🙂

    • You might actually be right on those squirrells. 🙂 If he draws one I will make sure to take a picture so you can see. 🙂

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