An Autism Diary

A day in the life of David Hartley

A day in the life…

So glad the weather has been nice out the last couple of days and I honestly hope it will continue.  We had some big storms blow through but even on those days we got a good handful or more of hours of nice spring like weather which the boys and I have been craving for quite some time.  As a result, we have played out on the front porch a lot and the boys have gotten into their usual “trouble” while doing so. lol  Oh what I wouldn’t give for a fence for the yard and a pile of dirt of their own. 😉 lol  It would definitely spare all the nearby gardens and keep them from running off all the time.

The warmer weather has also brought another kind of issue back to the forefront.  Pants.  Yep, my little guys don’t like wearing them and it’s no longer cold enough to just open the door and let the cold snowy blasts convince them to put them on anyway. haha  Today was no different either.  Although I did manage to get David to get fully dressed I wasn’t winning the battle with Joshua in the slightest and I had to get to the bank before they closed.

Turned out someone had stolen my bank card number and tried to use it all the way in New York of all things!  Never been so happy to be so poor before in my life.  They didn’t get away with it because they tried to purchase something for over $500 and considering my income is just a couple hundred over that a month, there is a daily limit on my account that prevents that much from being spent in one day.  Whew!  Even so though, my card got put on restriction and was no longer working after the thief had attempted their stunt so when I called in to find out what had happened the banker and I canceled the card and I had to get over there to get some cash to last me for my expenses for the next week or two.

Enter in the kid with no pants… lol

I have to admit I finally loaded him in the van without them in the name of getting to the bank on time. haha  I hope I am not the only mom that has had to resort to that before.  At least by that point I had managed to get everything else on him though.  Underwear, shirt, hat and boots even.  Just no pants. lol  After the whole bank thing was done I decided to take the boys out for lunch.  Partly because I was tired and partly just to do something special with them.  I had already forgotten the little key factor about Josh though.  No pants!  *shakes head at herself*  You know I am tired when it takes me less than 30 minutes to forget I didn’t win a battle over clothing with one of my sons. haha

Turned out to be good though because as we were heading back home, the babysitter called and I realized I forgot about sign language class tonight.  He was waiting on my porch wondering where we were. *slaps palm to forehead*

Yep.  Today has been an interesting one. lol  Now it’s time for me to head off to bed.  Or more realistically speaking, it’s time for movies, cuddles, and repeated pleadings/orders/demands/begging/bribery for the boys to settle down and get and stay in bed. 😉  Right after I change my clothes… uggh!  I just got peed on again (David wet himself while sitting next to me).  Sometimes Autism isn’t all that great of a thing to live with.

On a side note though, I walked in on the cutest scene when getting home from class tonight. 🙂  Both boys were laying down and cuddling with their babysitter on the couch while watching a movie with him.  I wish I could have gotten a picture or at the very least been a lot less tired so I could have enjoyed it a bit more. : )  He is so great with these two and they absolutely adore him. : )


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