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Remember Them. Be a Blessing.

moms_are_special_necklace-rdb96dda82bcc4c41a7b6e0d99e5f90b9_fkoez_8byvr_325Mother’s Day is coming up fast.  This Sunday to be exact.  Mothers all over the place are anticipating (or possibly already enjoying) the ways their children have chosen to remember and recognize them.  They’re opening cards, receiving phone calls, enjoying artwork, being treated to dinner, smelling their flowers, putting on their new jewelry (everything from the fine and fancy to those priceless macaroni noodle creations created with love by the smallest little hands 🙂 ).

They’re hearing countless “I love you”s and “Happy Mother’s Day”s and receiving hugs, kisses, and cuddles and in some cases maybe even special treatment like breakfast in bed or freedom from daily chores and things like that.

Mother’s Day is a pretty special time for a lot of moms.  Although we know we’re loved and treasured all year long, it’s nice to get the extra special doses from time to time.  At least for those of us blessed enough to get them.

Some of us moms will be spending our day tired and worn out.  We’ll be changing our 5 year old’s diaper yet again or helping our teenager eat without spilling it all over himself.  We will be pushing wheel chairs, handling medical equipment, and wiping off the drool.  Some of us will be bracing our child through another violent outburst or possibly another seizure.  Ignoring the cuts and bruises we may be getting from the ordeal and doing our best to ignore the cruel onlookers and naysayers.  Instead, we are choosing to put all our heart and focus into keeping our child as safe as possible and trying to help them, and their bodies, calm down and feel comforted and at peace again.

Some of us have family that will try to step in and fill the gaps.  Husbands that lovingly help the kids scribble on a card.  Grandmothers who send flowers.  Friends who reveal special pictures they have taken of our kids and saved as a surprise.

Some of us won’t even have that though.  For some of us, it’s just mom and kid(s) at home.  And when your kids have special needs, that can sometimes be a painfully lonely existence.  Especially during holidays like this one.

602173_353109881457371_2010872346_nYet, all these mothers have something else in common too.  They still smile.  They still are thankful and still count themselves amongst the blessed.  They still find reason to enjoy the day and some even find ways to celebrate it for themselves.  They still treasure their children and even though they may not be able to enjoy their child’s voice, they know they are loved and appreciated.  And they take great treasure in that knowledge.

How do I know all this?  Because I am one of these moms.  And I have countless friends who are too.   Our daily lives with our children play out differently for each one of us, and our children’s needs are just as diverse as our children are, but we all share the title “Special Needs Mom” and we’re not afraid to embrace it.

I have something to ask of you all though.  Find a special needs mom near you.  She can be a friend, a neighbor, or even just someone in your community.  You can even choose someone you know on-line.  Just find a special needs mom.  At least one (more is always optional : ) ).

Now make her feel special.

Hug her, send her flowers, buy or make her a card.   Take a copy of a picture with her kids in it and make something special out of it.  Post on her facebook wall or send her an e-mail.  Make her a meal or take her and her kids out to dinner.  Call her up on the phone and make sure she knows she’s not forgotten.  Help her kids play with crafts and make her something as a surprise.  Offer to babysit so she can get rest, get a shower, get work done, or enjoy some time out and about.

The options are truly limitless and even the smallest thing can turn into the biggest blessing for her so go make a difference in a special needs mom’s life and let her know you care.  In the end, you will find she’s not the only one that will be blessed by it. : )

To all you moms out there, Happy Mother’s Day!  May your day be full of blessings and sweet surprises. : )

happy mother's day


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