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A Special Day

Mother's Day mommy and David (smaller version)I know this is a bit late to be writing a Mother’s Day themed post, but since I didn’t log on-line during the holiday and I had fallen ill again the day after, I decided to still try to make up for it today.   Main reason?  I want to share how the boys helped make the day special. 🙂  True, they didn’t understand it was a holiday or purposefully do anything extra special or out of the ordinary to celebrate it for me, but in their own ways they truly made it a special day for me indeed.  Full of smiles and love just like the two of them. : )


Mother's Day mommy and Joshua (smaller version)We started our day getting to sleep in (yay!!! 😉 ) and then because the boys had already made a mess of the home the last few days while I was struggling with class and the art show, I went ahead and stole some alone time while they played with their toys in the front room.  I figured since they make the messes with their toys, and all those are already out… it couldn’t get much worse right? lol  I used the time to myself to read a couple of chapters from one of my favorite books in my old book collection.  That’s something I rarely get to do anymore and it was pretty great. 😀

After that, we all got dressed for the day and I used David’s echolalia to get a Mother’s Day wish out of him.  Once David said it, Joshua did too because Joshua always has to say everything David says. haha

Me: Hey David
David: hey David
Me: Good morning
David: Good morning
Me: love you
David: love you
Me: Happy Mother’s Day Mommy
David: Happy Mother’s Day Mommy

haha whatever works right? 😉

To be honest, I know he doesn’t understand what he is saying when he’s stuck in those modes, but in situations like these I still let it count because I know in my heart that if he could, he would be saying it to me on his own.  David is such a loving and sweet little guy. : )

David and Joshua signedWe then went outside on the front porch to play and I got them to show off their newly found (re-found in David’s case) letter skills to sign their names to their grandma’s card for her.  I didn’t know what I would get to be honest as it was the first time since they gained (and re-gained) the ability to write their letters that I had them attempt to write their names.  They were so hyper I ended up having to help hold their hand to help them steady it, but all the movement was theirs. 🙂  I am so proud of them both. 😀  Grandma enjoyed getting to see they signed it themselves too. : )

After all that we headed out to Taco Shop for a special lunch and I used it as an excuse to wear my “#1 fan” shirt. lol  The crew there got a kick out of it. : )  The boys and I also had a lot of fun together there and I actually got them both (even David) to cooperate for family pictures.  And considering how bad my aim is when I can’t see what I’m doing, so therefore how many pictures we have to take of ourselves before I get one that I like, cooperating for it is a HUGE deal for my boys. haha   In a way, that was one of their gifts to me in my book. 🙂  Putting up with my repeated picture taking until I got one I really liked.  ^_^

Mother's day family pic (smaller version)The boys also took a dance break in the isles again and I actually got to get video of them doing so again. 😀  Not a lot of David because he started protesting once he realized I was taking video of it, but I got enough to make my day and capture the memory. 🙂  I also got some cuteness out of them towards the end of the video. lol : )  There are two other videos too that I was able to get.  One is just of Joshua as he started the dancing.  The other one is them both spinning.  David was overwhelmed and mainly stimming where as Joshua was doing it to have fun. lol : )  They all seem to be taking a long time to upload onto youtube though so keep an eye out for them as I will do a special post just for them when I finally have them all done. 🙂

Mother's Day flower (smaller version)The rest of our day consisted of getting to visit Grandma, give her our card, and take her out to dinner.  Something special to mention from that though is that one of the waiters at the restaurant had bought flowers to give out to all the moms that showed up with their kids and when he came to our table he let David and Joshua both pick out a flower to give to me.  That was pretty special. 🙂  Granted, Joshua decided to keep his and David wanted his back after just a handful of minutes, but I appreciate the gesture and I still treasure the memory.  I have them both in vases now where we can all three enjoy them. : )

All in all it was a pretty great day and I couldn’t be more thankful.  My boys don’t need to have the ability to understand special holidays or the communication ability to say special phrases at the right times and on the correct days.  I may only hear things like “Happy Mother’s Day” and other set holiday wishes when I say them first and initiate an echolalia response.  My boys may never make me those prized hand made gifts, write me any touching poems or letters, or make me the all famous “burnt breakfast in bed” (because the kids made it themselves) that I hear about from my friends.  But there is one thing I still know beyond a shadow of a doubt.  My boys love me, cherish me, and appreciate me.  And in their own unique ways and in their own timings they show me that, and they show it often.

Most of all though, they are simply here and they are my precious sons.  That is a gift all on its own when you think of it. 😉 🙂


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  1. sounds like a fab happy day! 🙂

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