An Autism Diary

A day in the life of David Hartley

A Visit From Grandpa :)

DSCF0718These last few days the boys and I got an extra special treat.  My dad came in town for a visit. 😀  It was the first time he’s had the chance to meet the boys in person too and he and them hit it off real well right from the start. 🙂  He also brought Jill with him so I got a chance to meet her as well. : )  She’s really kind and a lot of fun.  I loved hearing her stories too. 🙂

We did a lot together and overall had a great visit.  The boys were definitely overstimulated though and struggled with sensory issues and overloads and just plain crankiness off and on for almost the entire visit.  Thankfully, my dad and Jill were very gracious and compassionate about the situation though.  And to be honest, of all the gifts they gave us during their time here, the best and most treasured was their continued love and support in spite of seeing us at our worst.  I am afraid I can’t say the same for countless others, both family and friends, that have encountered our Autism filled life in the past.  I have a handful of people who have been able to look past it all and still see my sons and me for who we are in spite of it all and I treasure it greatly. : )

firetruckpicOver the weekend we got to do and see a lot of things.  We played at the local park, went to a dinosaur exhibit that was in town, played in some nearby exhibits that featured planes and wind, saw some animals at the zoo, took a train ride at another park, played on some slides and crossed some monkey bars (with help of course), and hung out at the house looking at old photographs and watching movies and just simply being together. 🙂  We also got to go to a sale that was being held where the boys and I were all treated to new shoes.  The boys are so excited about theirs that they even slept in them. haha 🙂

DSCF0816The best part of it all though was the family reunion.  It was such a blessing to have my dad here and it filled my heart to see the boys attach so easily and quickly to him.  They are not known for that by any means so it was indeed a rare and special treat for them to do that with him. 🙂  Looking forward to when we all get to see each other again. 😀  Until then, we will be in touch through letters, e-mails, and phone calls.  And maybe even a few videos here and there. : )








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