An Autism Diary

A day in the life of David Hartley


David wearing Mommy's headphones lolWith my van out of commission again and me not feeling at the top of my game either, we all stayed in today.  While the boys decided to spend their time playing (and of course creating messes lol), I spent mine looking through some old files on the computer.  Not just any old files either, but rather pictures and videos from when my little whirlwinds were younger. 🙂

David as a newborn

David as a newborn

It was a trip down memory lane that came with a combination of tears, laughter, awe, and of course smiles all around. : )  I found videos I thought had been lost forever when I had a mishap with my backup hard drive.  I viewed pictures from when my boys were merely newborns and laughed at the memories of watching them grow up again right before my eyes.

David and Joshua meet for the very first time

David and Joshua meet for the very first time

My breath caught in my throat when their dad would randomly show up here and there and I held back the tears at the renewed realization that it rarely happened because he was rarely even here…  Then, as I continued to click on, I found myself choking up with tears of the happier kind as I watched David struggle and grunt and sign “I love you” for the first time.  I would share that one with you if it wasn’t for Joshua pulling his diaper down towards the end of it and showing off his stuff. lol  Yep.  When he did that, he officially made the clip a “mommy only” video. 😉

S4010924_zoomedAll in all, the memories re-lived seemed to have a life and heart of their own and I enjoyed getting to live through them all again.  I even enjoyed it when the boys would run over at the sound of another video playing and they would make me repeat over and over who the “baby” was that they were watching.  Half the time, they simply couldn’t wrap their minds around the concept it was them at a younger age (especially the really old ones), but sometimes I think they just liked being told again that it was them. lol : )

S4011192With all our ups and downs, all our struggles and triumphs, the boys and I are truly blessed.  We may not have had the easiest path, or even the happiest one at times, and we definitely have some mountains to face and climb both now and in our future, but overall I can clearly see the loving hand and grace of God on our lives.  Comforting us when the tears were falling hard and the night threatened to never leave and lifting us up and rejoicing along side us when the clouds would break and our hope was renewed once again.  Like when David’s silence broke and, for the first time in over 3 years, we were able to communicate again.  That was a blessed day indeed. : )

As I sign off to tend to the boys (and their messes lol) I leave you with a couple of my favorite videos featuring our one and only David. 🙂  I hope you enjoy them. : )



  1. Hard to go down memory lane sometimes but well worth the often at times bittersweet journey, thanks for sharing.

  2. How precious! I only have one video of my boy (I must get it put on DVD)
    It is amazing as you say (seeing them grow before your eyes).
    You are a great Mum or Mom as they say there. 🙂

    • Thank-you Gentlestitches ((hugs)) : )

  3. Oh my, you can’t mistake who that is! He’s still has that same beautiful smile and wide eyes!

  4. Thank-you everyone : )

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