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Dragon’s Loyalty Award

It’s time for another award recognition and I have to admit this one is one of my favorites namely because of the comment and sentiment that went with it.  Thank-you Evil Squirrel’s Nest for choosing me for this and for your kind and encouraging comment (and for being so patient with me while waiting for me to post it).  I am honored and I will proudly display this award badge. 🙂

This was presented with a side comment on one of my blog posts: “I’m glad to see you had a more relaxing day!  If anyone deserves this, it’s you.  I nominated you for the Dragon’s Loyalty Award.”

Thanks E.S.! 🙂

From what I can tell from his acceptance post, I am supposed to list 7 random facts so here we go! : )

1) David’s favorite animals are horses and dogs.

2) Our family speaks a combination of sign language and spoken English in order to achieve as much communication as possible with each other.  Sign language provided the breakthrough we needed that led to David speaking again after 3 years of painful silence due to his Autism.

3) Although most of David’s spoken words are mainly echolalia based (repeated after you, or repeated memorized phrases or words from other conversations or shows he watches), when he starts signing with someone, a simple yet complete conversation can often be accomplished. 🙂

4) My favorite color is pink and has been since before I can remember, however my favorite color combination is pink, purple, and blue (all spring type shades) and is directly in connection to special memories of my great grandmother and best friend, Grandma Jane. 🙂

5) I have started a side blog as well, titled “Beyond The Autism“, for when I want to talk about something other than Autism and related issues.  Although, I will admit Autism finds its way over there too at times.

6) When I first started this blog here at “An Autism Diary”, I didn’t even want to do this. I was scared and nervous and didn’t know what I would even write about or if anyone would even be interested in reading it. Now though, I wouldn’t give it up or the experiences and friendships I have been blessed with since starting it. 🙂

7) Our current blog stats/accomplishments for “An Autism Diary” are: 9 months, 189 posts, 681 comments, 6,625 views (that one surprised me!), 95 followers, 10 followers through “Publicize” (I don’t know what that is, but apparently I have it on here lol), and a growing facebook fan page with currently 297 followers.  Wow!  Thanks everyone! 🙂

Now for passing this award badge on to others. 🙂

Some of my most loyal followers (and friends) I have do not have their own blogs but, in the spirit of what this award is about,  I would still like to give them a shout out.

Ingar, Alex, Marcia, Charity, Tina, and Scott

You all know who you are and I want to make sure you all know how much your friendship, encouragement, and support have meant to me on this journey.  Thank-you! ((hugs)) 🙂

Now I also have some very loyal and priceless friendships that I have made with other bloggers.  In no particular order (even though I know at least two of you already have this award from others) I pass this award on to:

Gentle Stitches: Thank-you for being such a strong source of friendship and encouragement.  I also enjoy the crocheting. : )

Evil Squirrel’s Nest:  I know you are the one that gave me this, but I wanted to return the sentiment.  Thank-you for being such a good friend and for following our story over here for so long.

Margie over at Speaking On The Spectrum: Not only a valuable resource for all the latest news relating to the Autism community, she is also a treasured and loyal friend.  Thanks Margie! ((hugs)) 🙂

Did I Earn a Smile: Whenever I post something, you and Gentle Stitches almost always seem to be the first to show up to read it.  Thanks for following my son’s story and for offering your friendship and support along this journey.  I truly appreciate it. : )

There are countless others whom I both have gotten to know as well as deeply appreciate, but I would be here all night if I tried to list you all.  Please know though that I thank you and I appreciate you. 🙂



  1. Thank you. 🙂

  2. You are very welcome! And thanks for the kind words! 🙂

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