An Autism Diary

A day in the life of David Hartley

One of those days

Me: I love you David

David: I love you David

Me: I love you Mommy?

David: I love you David

Me: I

David: I

Me: love

David: love

Me: you

David: Joshua


Joshy… you know I adore you with all my heart, but did you really need to come in and distract David at this exact moment? lol

As for you, David, Mommy loves you too buddy. ((hugs))  And I hear you loud and clear.  Even on the days you can’t say it.



  1. I love this! My son copies more of what we say than saying things for himself, but in time that will come! I’m with you I hear him loud and clear, even on days he can’t say it!

    • Our children are definitely precious aren’t they? 🙂 Thanks for sharing here. : )

  2. Omg! I do this all of the time. I’m lucky enough that “I love you” is a phrase…but the sentence breakdown part! So cute when it’s wrong though, right?

    • lol yes the humor that can be found in the wrong answers can sometimes make me smile bigger than if he had gotten it right. : )

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